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If your mouse is working perfectly, then be prepared to have some stormy action with this online fishing game. You just have to move your mouse around the screen, catch the stuff you need to catch, and avoid debris. What could be easier than that? BUT mind you, the game is pretty challenging too.

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"It's raining men!"

Well, that line of a song is very true in this game! And it's NOT just raining men in this online fishing game - Wind Fall. It's also raining fishes, raining sharks, and a whole lot more.

In this online fishing game, your boat is moving directly into the path of a very violent storm. The storm is so violent that the winds toss fishes and all sorts of aquatic life into the air. The storm has also destroyed a lot of ships and the civilians in it are now in mid air.

Move the boat using your mouse. The fishes are collected for point. On the other hand, their bigger cousins - the sharks along with other debris should be avoided like plague. Do otherwise and they will destroy your ship and shatter it to pieces.

As for the civilians who are caught and tossed by the storm, should you catch them with your ship? Hell no! That's a surefire way to kill them and destroy your ship. Instead, avoid them while they fall and pick them up from the water. BUT be fast. Or else, they will drown!

Action packed, has a lot of mid air action - this is Wind Fall. Enjoy this online fishing game now!

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