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Fishing games - by nature, the games in this genre aren't too difficult to play. Just like other games in the genre, the game - Weekend Fishing is played entirely with the mouse: (1) throwing your line and bait to where the fishes are at, (2) reeling in whatever you catch, (3) getting rid of the line and bait to save time, and everything else in between. That's about everything you need to learn about the controls. Now, let's have a closer look at the game...

Weekend Fishing Walkthrough

Looking to unwind and find time to get away from the office? For many, with me included, nothing beats long fishing. Nothing beats camping at the nearest river bank on a 'full battle gear' (or fishing gear rather). No paper works or presentations to worry about, no pressure... just sit back, relax, and enjoy being one with nature as you wait for something to tug your hook, line, and bait. And this is the most exciting part - reeling the fish in without breaking your line; maintaining the tension BUT not letting go. For those of you who haven't tried it yet, trust me, playing tug of war with a bass or a salmon can be very challenging and FUN. That said, with the hectic and crazy schedule everybody seems to have, the possibility of long fishing is almost non-existent. So what should you do? Simple! Settle for the next best thing: play online fishing games.

And if you have gone high and low in search for that online fishing game that is just as relaxing and calmly paced as real-life fishing, you are in for a treat: Weekend Fishing is really close to the real thing. The objective of the game is very easy and straightforward: you are given two minutes. Within that short time frame, you need to catch as many fishes as you can. After the 2-minute time limit, you will be given a score based on the TOTAL weight of the fishes you caught. There are no levels to beat, no achievements to set your sights on... no pressure! If you want to play again, no biggie! Just hit play again and enjoy the experience once more. You may want to surpass your personal best to make it a little more challenging. Perhaps make a bet with your friends just like you would when fishing for real? That's an idea.

Moving forward, as I have mentioned, the game is played entirely with the mouse:

(1) To start off, throw your line as far as you could. To do just that, click on the head of the fisherman, drag, and release where you want your bait to be dropped.

(2) Your line will automatically be reeled in... and hopefully, it catches or baits something in the process. Well, with so many things swimming in the unclear waters in Weekend Fishing, you are bound to catch something.

(3) Once you do, click on the fisherman several times until you completely haul in your catch. BUT be careful! Watch the tension meter. If it goes all the way to the right (red portion of the bar), the line will break. On the other hand, if you play it very complacently and don't apply any pressure at all (and the tension indicator moves all the way to the left of the bar), the fish gets away to safety. Either way, it's NOT good.

(4) Now, there are times when the fishes seem smart, steering clear from your bait, which ends up wasting your time. While the bait is reeled in automatically, it's awfully slow. To avoid wasting time, get rid of it. Cut it off by moving your cursor across your line, and start all over again.

You are not alone in this fishing game and adventure. You have a buddy just chilling at the boat and, while he doesn't look useful, he does have very good instincts. He will tell you if the thing that tugged your bait is worth reeling in or if it's just a bunch of seaweeds. YES, not everything that swims in the water is worth catching. And fortunately, your buddy seems to know it without even looking. He will give you USEFUL hints and tips along the way so be sure to listen to him.

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