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Trap-a-Tuna Instructions

The control scheme of this online fishing game is very easy and straightforward. Just hit any key if you need to pause the game. And if you are all set to drop the bait underwater, hit the left click button. On the other hand, for you to move your bait underwater, just move your mouse around and the bait will follow it automatically.

Trap-a-Tuna Walkthrough

If you find the control scheme of Trap A Tuna easy, be warned about the game itself - it's challenging, which by the makes the game exciting and worth playing.

Moving: As mentioned earlier, the bait will always follow your mouse until it reaches half of the screen. When you need to reel, just click and that's it. The idea and objective is different in every level. There are times when you need to catch pairs of fishes. There are days when you have to meet certain metrics like having 200 pounds of whatever fish in your bucket before the day ends.

Types Of Fishes: In Trap A Tuna, there are 3 different types of fishes. (1) first off, we have the good fishes (2) then there are bad fishes (3) and last BUT not the least, there are fishes that are neutral.

Let's take a look at each of them:

(1) Good Fishes - As the name suggests, these are the fishes that you want to go for. They give you a lot of points when you reel them in.

(2) Bad Fishes - You want to avoid these fishes like plague! Catching bad fishes in Trap A Tuna won't bring you any benefit, and to make things worse, they will harm you too. Aside from not getting any points for them, they will also eat the other fish you caught.

(3) Neutral Fishes - These fishes are the heaviest, and that means you get truckloads of points by catching them. BUT here's the thing: they are not easy to bait or reel in. Matter of fact, because of their heavy weight, they may even pull you off of the boat!

Trap A Tuna also comes with different game modes which makes online fishing game all the more thrilling. Free Weight Mode, Free Amount Mode, the dreaded Shark Attack Mode, Will Trap Mode, and VS CPU Mode will sharpen your fishing skills (at least online) and will provide truckloads of fun!

If you are on the hunt for a fishing game that will keep you entertained for hours to come, with lots of game modes to offer, then Trap A Tuna is a game you should check out!

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