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Tap Tap 2 Instructions

Tap Tap 2 - the control schemes of this game is very easy to handle and straightforward. Just use your mouse's left click button to tweak your lure, buy and activate upgrades, switch off the sounds, remove the ripples, and everything else in between. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated.

Tap Tap 2 Walkthrough

The idea of the game is to catch those fishes using a net. Sounds easy? Yes it does, until you realize that there are piranhas who will steal your catch. The piranhas in this online fishing game are fast moving and relentless. They will try to eat the fishes in your net and when there are none, they will destroy your net!

Each game has a time limit of about 30 minutes, which is really LONG for an online fishing game. For you to successfully fish, you need to grab upgrades. There are 4 upgrades available in Tap Tap 2 - (1) Net (2) Decoy (3) Lure and last BUT not the least (4) Sweeper.

All of these upgrades are very useful. Let's take a look at what they do:

(1) Net - When you upgrade your net, it's harder for the fish to swim out of it. The higher the level, the tighter and stronger it gets. With that in mind, the fishes lose a lot of power quicker, which means they're all easy catch!

(2) Decoy - As the name suggests, this decoys the fishes around your net. And the better and higher upgrades you get for your decoy, the better fishes it brings.

(3) Lure - Casting and upgrading your lure will tempt more fish to get near your net. The better your lure is, the more fish will come to it.

(4) Sweeper - With this upgrade, you can for a little treasure and coin hunting. When you use sweeper, you can sweep an area and find coins hidden underneath.

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