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Super Fishings Instructions

As far as the controls department is concerned, there's nothing mind-boggling or confusing about Super Fishings. Just like most fishing games you will find in the internet, all you need to use are your keyboard's arrow keys: (1) Use the left and right arrow keys to move your boat on to either direction. (2) The down arrow key, on the other hand, is meant for casting your line and bobber underwater. (3) And, last BUT not the least, the up arrow key is for pulling your line and bobber up... and hope that you catch as many fishes as you can!

Super Fishings Walkthrough

Fishing games have never been popular for game play that drives you to the edge of your seats. Nah, they are not known for being action packed or for having a plot so deep that you'd have to think like Sherlock Holmes. HOWEVER, if you are looking for games that you can enjoy while you are waiting for your office break to be over, when you only have about 10 to 15 minutes and have nothing else to do, online and flash based fishing games are the way to go! Super Fishings is a fishing game that continues the same trend. Nothing complicated or fancy - just pure fishing fun. The objective of the game is very straightforward and simple: you need to catch as many fishes as you can... and, in the process, score as much as you can.

Unlike other fishing games that have 10, 20, or even 30+ stages (which could take like hours to finish), Super Fishings only have ONE level... yes, just one stage. Nothing more, nothing less. HOWEVER, the game play is interesting enough to keep you coming back to the game. Here's the catch: there's a timer located at the bottom part of the screen. Once that runs out, it's game over. So how do you keep it from running out? How can you make sure you score as much as you can... that you score high enough to beat the leaders of the score board?

Simple: catch as many fishes as you can! The more fishes you catch and haul in, the higher your score gets, and you are given MORE precious seconds on the clock. Sounds easy? Now here's something to make it a little more challenging: there are garbage under the sea - tires, tin cans, bottles, and boxes of milk, name it and you will find it. When you haul in rubbish, precious seconds will be deducted from the timer. Along with that, there's an ever-present dark cloud breathing down at your neck. When you stay close enough to it for a long enough period of time, it will strike you with lightning. Nah, it won't instantly kill you. BUT it will reduce your time just like the underwater garbage does. So you need to be alert to avoid hauling in rubbish, and at the same time, you should keep moving to make it hard for the lightning cloud to hit you.

There's no way you can beat and win Super Fishings. Eventually, the cloud will move fast enough, and it will hit you hard and fast enough to drain your time. Eventually, the sea bed will be filled with rubbish, which makes it impossible to catch fishes ONLY. Yes, eventually you will lose the game. Either of the 2 things will happen: (1) Your hand gets cramped, or you run out of time. BUT either way, it's a FUN fishing game to play!

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