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Stray Island, this online fishing game has controls that are easy to remember and straightforward. Just hit the left click button to throw your rod and bait and that's about it! When you hook a fish and reel it in, you get points for it. What could be harder than that? BUT let me remind you, while the control scheme is easy and uncomplicated, the game itself is very challenging! Matter of fact, it made me jump off of my seat a couple of times!

Stray Island Walkthrough

Stray Island - in this game you are playing as a starving cat stuck in an island. BUT don't worry, you have your anchor to use for catching some goodies underwater to help you survive. Your lure, by the way, before you drop it moves left to right... back and forth. This makes the game challenging as you need to perfectly time your throws to hook your target.

Some targets are easy to lure as they are not moving around like the shellfish, the GULP (that's a 7-eleven beverage by the way). BUT mind you, while they do give you points, they pale in comparison to the points you get by luring fishes. They are worth twice as much as the non moving targets. Anyway, grabbing points no matter how small are still better than nothing.

To make the game even more interesting, every stage has a time limit. About 100 seconds or so (maybe less). Some fishes are taking their time while moving around, which makes them easy to catch. On the other hand, there are fishes that are swimming like they are on steroids - difficult to catch BUT they are the top point earners in the game. You can try your luck BUT I'd suggest going for the slower targets. After all, you only have a minute and a half to finish a level.

Another challenge - the next stage requires greater number of points for completion. For example, level 1 requires 500 points which is a piece of cake. BUT the level after that needs 1200 points! You got to work extra hard and extra smart if you want to move on to the next stage.

Oh! And one more reminder - avoid the crabs at all costs! The crabs slow down your lure and hooks movement and at the same time, they deduct 500 points! I think that makes perfect sense. After all, you being a stray cat can't eat a crab. You'll just get your nose pinched in return.

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