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Shaky Fisher Instructions

The controls of Shaky Fisher are very standard and common as far as fishing games go. While it's NOT as simple as using ONLY your mouse for interaction, playing, and everything else, it's still easy enough to be played by your 9-year old son: (1) First off, to move the boat, just press A and S buttons. Press them and hold them down until you reach the location in the screen that you want. (2) If you need to adjust your casting angle, just tilt the boat using the left and right arrow keys. (3) For catching those fishes, just press the space bar to cast your rod, hold it down, and release to pull up. OK, with that taken care of let's get on with the game...

Shaky Fisher Walkthrough

Simplicity in all aspects - this is a phrase that perfectly described fishing games, including Shaky Fisher. Simple controls, simple yet nice looking graphics, and the objective of the game is quite straightforward as well: you need to catch as many fishes as you can before the day ends. That's it! I told you it's straightforward.

HOWEVER, not all of those creatures living in the sea bed are edible. Nah, many of them are not eligible for lunch. You need to avoid hauling in sea horses, crabs, clams, and hermit crabs. Make the mistake of doing so and you will lose 25 points. As you will see later on, 25 points being deducted from your current score isn't something to laugh at.

First off, you need to realize that you have to achieve a certain score. At the very first level, you need to have 1000 points. Just so you know how hard it is to earn 1000 points, each catch is worth 50 points. Doing a little bit of calculation on top of my head, that means you need to catch 20 fishes! That's no joke especially when you consider that you and your boat's movements are in slow-motion. It's seems like you can't always tilt fast enough to go after that fish who just passed away. It feels like your boat is NOT fast enough to position yourself somewhere near the school of fishes. And the lure and takes quite some time too before it reaches the maximum depths.

To make things even more challenging, your one-eyed captain seems to be dead serious about his orders: "Catch fishes before the day ends." The level will start off with the smiling sun rising slowly... and travelling from the east all the way to the western part of the screen. Once he makes his exit, the faceless moon will take over the 'show' and he will do the same thing that the sun did. Now, here's what: if you fail to get earn the target score after the moon has passed (and another day comes), it's game over for you!

Yes, this game is a combination of not just speed BUT also of precision (after all, you don't want to catch sea horses, crabs, etc. that will take away points from your score). No, it's NOT sophisticated. The graphics, too, are as simple as it could get. HOWEVER, there is little doubt that this game is fun to play!

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