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The control scheme of Sea Fishing is as easy as it could get. Just like other flash-based and online fishing games out there, Sea Fishing is played entirely with mouse. From the very first time you throw your line and all the way to reeling in your biggest and heaviest catch, everything is done with the mouse. As long as you know how to point and click, you are good to go. Moving on, let's check out the game.

Sea Fishing Walkthrough

Fishing games are fun...well, most of them are fun. BUT when it comes to being realistic, A LOT of them fall short. Many of the fishing games out there have this top-view mode where you can see all of the silhouettes moving around, swimming to and fro in the water. There are fishing games that are side scrolling. These are the easiest of the bunch if you would ask me. Usually, you just have to drop your bait using the arrow keys or the mouse, wait for someone to bite it, and reel it in. No problem! You now have a catch. If you just want to kill some time, just have a little bit of fun, no problem. Almost any fishing game out there can give you that. BUT if you want something that takes you a notch or two closer to the real thing, here's something you will really like: Sea Fishing!

The name says it all. This game is all about fishing in the deep blue sea. In the game, there are 5 species to catch. There are lightweight tunas, baby sharks that weigh 30 lbs or so, and as for the others, that's for you to find out. There are 8 locations to choose from and it's all up to you which one you like. The objective of the game is as easy as it could get: just catch as many fishes as you can. The more you catch, the more you score. Just pick the fishing spot you want, throw your bait where you want to by hitting the left click button, and when something bites your bait, hold down the left click button to reel it in.

So what sets this game head and shoulders ahead of the other fishing games out there? Simple - the game is quite realistic. You assume the first person view of a fisher man - complete with your fishing rod and bait. What's more, you don't have any idea where the fishes are just like in real life fishing. So how will you know if you caught a fish? Since you can't feel if something is tugging your line and bait, an indicator will pop up - 'FISH!' with blinking letters, and that's when the tag of war begins.

As for the graphics and design, it's not really ground-breaking or eye popping - just the usual 2D image of the sea with coconut trees and far away islands in the background. It's NOT great, BUT it's not bad either. Moving to the sound effects department, I got to give this game 2 thumbs up. You hear the sea birds singing on the background, the wind blowing from the sea, the waves crashing on the sea shore - you can just close your eyes and let the sound take you in the peaceful beach. BUT no, don't close your eyes. You have some fishing to do.

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