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Sea Eater Instructions

Sea Eater is controlled by using the keyboard. Press the up arrow key to swim forward. The left and right arrow keys rotate your fish counterclockwise and clockwise respectively. You may alternatively use the WASD keys to control your movement. The P key pauses the game.

Sea Eater Walkthrough

Sea Eater is an addictive fish game with a large variety of gameplay modes. This action game features colorful graphics, simple controls, and seven challenges.

Sea Eater is broken into seven gameplay modes known as challenges. Completing a level of a challenge unlocks the next level as well as the next challenge. If you fail a challenge you can still unlock the next level by using in-game money earned by performing feats. Your game data is automatically saved, so any challenges that you unlock will be available the next time that you play this fish game.

The first challenge is Big Fish. This gameplay mode is similar to the fish game, Fish Tales. You start as a small fish, and you must eat fish that are smaller than you while avoiding larger fish that will eat you. If you eat enough fish, you will increase in size. You will be able to eat any fish smaller than you without fear of being bitten by them. Your goal in this mode is to grow to your maximum size and rule the seas at the top of the food chain!

The second challenge of Sea Eater is Cannon. This gameplay mode is essentially a distance game, similar to Nanaca Crash or Crash the Turtle. In this mode, your objective is to pass a given horizontal distance after being fired from a cannon. Before firing the cannon, you will have to set its elevation and power by stopping its rotation and the power bar (both are done by pressing the spacebar). It is best to fire the cannon at a forty-five degree angle and maximum power, but this is difficult to achieve. Luckily, you will be able to increase your speed and elevation by colliding with powerups. You can also shoot your fish into the air by clicking it, provided that you have ammunition (indicated on the left side of the screen). There are five more challenges to complete, but I'll let you discover these for yourself!

Sea Eater is a fantastic fish game that has something for everyone. The only negative about this game is the fact that you have to unlock challenges, meaning that you might have to play some that you don't particularly care for to get to the one that you want to play. Hang in there, and eventually you'll unlock the modes that you want!

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