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Salmon Survival Instructions

Salmon Survival - if you are looking for an online fishing game that is very fun to play, challenging, BUT comes with an easy control scheme, then this game is definitely on the list. Just make sure your mouse is working perfectly, especially the left click button, and you are all set. Hold on to it to make your salmon swim up and release it for it to swim down. The salmon moves forward all by itself. It's all up to you to keep him alive.

Salmon Survival Walkthrough

Underwater, a fish - salmon, tuna, even sharks, has a lot of dangers to face and pass through for it to survive. And that's the focus in this online fishing game - Salmon Survival. On your way to higher scores, you will face dangers like fishermen's hooks and baits, rocks, and those are just to name a few.

Accidentally hit one of these obstacles and it's game over for you. You have to start from square one. Oh! One more reminder - don't swim too high or you will get out of the water. What's the deal? Heck! Fishes can't breathe out of the water! Also, don't swim too slow or you will sink your head into the sand or hit rocks and other debris underneath (and that spells instant death in the game).

One more tip: there are a lot of moments in the game where you are almost sandwiched by a huge rock and a fisherman's bait and hook. You can't afford to swim a little lower or higher. So here's what you need to do: keep on tapping the left click button to make sure your salmon swims on the same level...ensuring survival and higher score.

Easy and straightforward control scheme, fast paced play, fun - what more can you ask for? If you are on the hunt for the online fishing game that has all of the above, you have to give Salmon Survival a shot.

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