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I have played many fishing games before, and by far, the simplest when it comes to the controls department is Ocean Survivor. Heck! You don't need your keyboard. You just need your mouse: (1) Press and hold down the left click button to make your bluefin tuna go up, and (2) release the left click button to dive down. That's about it!

Ocean Survivor Walkthrough

Aside from the uber-simple controls, one more thing that sets Ocean Survivor from the rest of the fish games out there is that it's made not just to entertain, BUT primarily, to educate. Did you know that during the past decade, fishing technologies have taken great leaps, BUT at the expense of big predator fishes like the bluefin tuna? As a matter of fact, according to the statistics, over 90 percent of their population has been decimated by relentless fishing!

These are just one of the eye-opening facts you would find in Ocean Survivor. The objective of the game is very simple and straightforward: just like a true bluefin tuna, you need to swim and survive! When the game starts, you will automatically move forward - BUT it's all up to you to swim down or up. You need to avoid all of those traps, hooks, nets, and everything else that would catch you. Remember, it only takes one slight nudge or collision with these traps for you to end up in a can... shredded to pieces!

As you get better and better, you will get farther than most players have and score MORE. HOWEVER, at the end of the day, just like a true bluefin tuna, you can only keep running and swimming for so long. You will be caught by either the trawler or long liner. Some of you may be thinking: "What on earth is a trawler? What's a long liner?"'

Let's see what Ocean Survivor has to say about it:

Trawlers: These fishing ships can be well over 100 feet in length. And here's what's intimidating about them (well, at least for a bluefin tuna): they carry nets that are more than a football field in length. These ships are beefed up with advanced tracking, lighting, and powerful refrigeration systems. They can process millions and millions of fish while in the middle of the ocean.

Long Liners: These fishing ships, on the other hand, showcase powerful fishing lines that are made up of monofilament material or steel cable. These cables can spread as far as 80 miles! Every long liner carries thousands of baited hooks that have been designed from the ground up to catch predators like the bluefin tuna. HOWEVER, along the way, they also catch endangered animal dolphins, turtles, penguins, and those are just to name a few.

Yes, it's a tough life for a bluefin tuna. Everybody is out to get you! You don't believe me? Well, it's about time we put you in the shoes of a tuna and see it for yourself!

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