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Ocean Fishing Instructions

Move left using left arrow key. Move right using right arrow key. Drop the fish hook by pressing 'space'.

Ocean Fishing Walkthrough

Ocean Fishing is a unique and entertaining fishing game that will keep your attention from the very beginning of the game to the very end. With a simple premise and a simple goal, this is a game that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of skill or experience level which is just one of the things that makes this game so appealing. The premise of the game isn't all that uncommon in the world of online fishing games - you're on a boat and you need to drop your hook to catch fish - but the little touches really make it more unique and more interesting. You're able to move your boat from side to side and your hook drops straight down. You're also given a time limit - one minute and thirty seconds. It seems short, but that's more than enough to get you hooked - no pun intended.

The only real goal of Ocean Fishing is to catch as many fish as you can to try to get a high score. The great thing about this game is that high score lovers can boost the score they get in a variety of ways although you will have to be fairly skilled to take advantage of the bonuses. Like many fishing games, different types of fish are worth different point values. Basically, smaller fish have higher point values as they're more difficult to catch. If you can catch the fish closest to the sea bed you will get significant point bonuses; especially if you can catch the smaller ones along the sea bed although larger ones also offer a decent point value.

It's important to remember that you don't have a lot of time to play with in Ocean Fishing. You will get an extra five seconds for every tenth fish you catch, but that's really not a lot of extra time unless you catch a lot of fish. For experienced players, a good strategy to get a high score is to go for only the smaller fish and the fish at the very bottom but not to ignore the lower value fish if there are no higher value fish on the screen. While the higher value fish will give you a good score, they're not going to do much good if you only get one or two of them throughout the game and don't catch any of the lower value fish. For newcomers, it's a better idea to chase that extra five seconds. Get whatever fish you can as fast as you can. You'll improve your aim this way so you can try to get an even high score by catching the smaller, faster fish and the fish by the sea bed.

Overall, Ocean Fishing is one of the most appealing fishing games online as it really offers something for everyone. It's challenging without being impossible and without levels to be beaten, you're really able to set your own goals. Because the game begins with a set time of a minute and a half, it doesn't take long to play the game which is one of the biggest benefits the game offers. It's a lot of fun and it's incredibly addictive, but it also doesn't take long to play. You can play over and over again without wasting an entire afternoon or evening - just don't be surprised if you do. This game is so addictive, it's going to keep you playing game after game as you try to beat your high score, meet a goal you've set for yourself or get your name on the leader board. Even so, it never feels like wasting time and will keep challenging you to improve making for a fun and completely engrossing way to kill a little time.

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