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The control scheme of this fishing game is as easy as it could get. The game is played entirely with the mouse, and with it, you can upgrade your albino sperm whale Moby Dick, upgrade his stats, interact with other options, and everything else in between.

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There's plenty of talk about saving the whales BUT did it ever occur to you that we should be worrying about ourselves instead? Whales are dangerous... PERIOD! In this fishing game, which is NOT really a fishing game (Moby Dick is not even a fish), you will see how HUGE their teeth are. They are larger than your head! And to make matters worse for the human side, in Moby Dick 2 (created by Mostro Games), they are upgradable. We don't stand a fighting chance.

As I have mentioned in the controls section, the game is played entirely with the mouse. Move your mouse to steer this massive sea mammal to cause all sorts of chaos. Carnage and MORE carnage will reward you with upgrade points. You can use these points to become larger, faster, tougher, DEADLIER, and a little less hungry. Trust me, you will need all of the upgrades and help you can get. You will face wave after wave of whale hunters and natives, who are out for your delicious meat. Much of the game's strategy revolves around which of your stats you should upgrade. For example - becoming BIGGER means you can destroy boats A LOT easier. However, the downside is that you become a bigger target too. This can be a problem if you didn't upgrade your health and toughness.

BUT here's the good news: you can change the levels of your whale's different stats between upgrades. This allows you to better fit the situation and adapt to the type of enemies you will face.

Going back to boat smashing, nothing could be MORE satisfying than crashing into a line of massive ships within seconds... and then moving back to munch on those poor souls who fell into the deep blue sea after you shattered their feeble ships. Oh! And I also love how Moby Dick stays cute all the time, in spite of the game talking about how much he loves to eat humans.

The difference between the previous fish game in the series and this one isn't significant. HOWEVER, since we are talking about a whale destroying mankind coupled with pure doses of silly action and upgrades, I really don't mind. Moby Dick 2 makes for an action-packed and great half-hour filled with destruction and, ironically, whale-cuteness.

I think by now you are convinced that we should, somehow, develop anti-whale defenses. I mean think about what could happen! These whales haven't developed anything but they're already very destructive. What happens when they develop ranged attacks? May Captain Ahab come to save us all.

Anyway, checking out the forums, I saw that a lot of folks are having trouble with the aliens and 3 moon heights. Here's how you can get past these fellas. All you have to do is max out boost and driving. Swim all the way to the bottom. Face the surface, activate the boost and point towards the far top of the screen. Your size wouldn't matter. You would be able to reach those aliens who thought they are safe.

For those of you who are having trouble with the final level, which is level 50 I think, here's what's up. Go to your email and tell the programmers to change that level! There's no way you can win it. It's just unwinnable. The enemies on the screen will keep on respawning to 40 and it doesn't matter how many of them you have destroyed. This leads to a very unsatisfying ending. After demolishing those waves, you just have to give up.

Aside from that tragic ending, I must say I really like this fishing game. If you want to let out some steam and just bash everything on the way, spare those plates and furniture and give Moby Dick 2 a try.

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