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Move the whale with the mouse. Use boost by clicking with the left mouse button.

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Moby Dick is an excellent fishing game based on the classic Herman Melville novel of the same name, even if only somewhat loosely. The game puts you in the role of the legendary white whale as you do everything you can to rack up as many points as possible before you die. It isn't an easy game as the whale can be somewhat hard to control, but it is far too much fun to pass up. Your only real goal in the game is to eat, kill and destroy while trying to avoid being killed. There are many ways you can die in this game but if you pay attention, you should be able to make it far enough to get a fairly decent score. While most fishing games only require you to catch fish, this one is a different breed entirely. Instead of needing to watch how much bait you have, you have to try to stay alive. To do that, you need enough air, food and health. Run out of any of those things and your game is over. Luckily, there are bonuses in the water that can extend your life. It's just a matter of collecting them and staying alive long enough for them to appear.

There are three basic stats you need to keep an eye on to survive in Moby Dick; hunger, air and health. All three stats are displayed via status bars in the center of the top of the screen. If you allow any of those status bars to empty completely your game will end. Keeping your stats up isn't really all that difficult in the beginning, but it definitely gets harder as the game progresses. To satisfy your hunger, you need to eat fish and various other sea creatures as well as birds. Birds can be a bit more difficult to get as you need to jump out of the water, but it can definitely be done. There are plenty of fish to keep you going though. In general, keeping yourself fed is easier than keeping your air and health intact, but it to will get harder as you progress. You can get air in two ways; go to the surface or collect the air bonuses (a bubble icon with bubbles in the center) under the water. Health is a bit harder to maintain. Humans will shoot harpoons and cannonballs at you as well as trying to capture you in nets. Getting hit by any of these things will cause you to lose health. The only way to replenish your health is to collect the under water health bonuses (a bubble icon with a heart in the center). Health bonuses appear quite often so make sure you collect them. Collect enough and you'll be able to completely refill your health bar. Aside from health and air bonuses, you can also collect grow bonuses that will make your whale bigger and invulnerability bonuses that act as a sort of shield that will keep you from taking damage for a short period of time. The invulnerability bonus can definitely come in handy when you're confronted with several big boats. You'll be able to focus on taking out those boats without taking damage while the bonus is in effect.

In addition to great bonuses and lots of chances to kill and destroy, Moby Dick also offers several achievements you can strive for. Newcomers to this type of fishing game might want to stick to just getting a good score in the game as the game itself will offer more than enough challenge. More experienced players, however, will love the challenge trying for achievements will offer. There are several achievements to try for covering just about every aspect of the game. From trying to eat a certain number of fish or birds to trying to destroy a certain number of boats, there are lots of goals accomplishments for experienced players to strive for. While unlocking all of the achievements are not necessary to win the game or get a high score, they make the game a lot more interesting. Some are harder to get than other. Newcomers will even be able to unlock some of the simpler ones without even trying as they play the game, but the more difficult ones will take a fair bit of skill. That doesn't mean newcomers won't be able to get all of the achievements - it just might take a little while. Nothing beats the thrill of trying to unlock a difficult achievement and the rush that comes with finally doing it.

The best way to do well in Moby Dick is to make sure you pay attention to the status bars at the top of the screen. The longer you survive in the game, the better chance you have at getting a high score and the only way to survive is to pay attention to those bars. It isn't hard to miss your health running out since you may not always realize you're being hit. If you keep an eye on the bars, you'll be able to see when you're losing health and look for bonuses to repair the damage. Nets aren't always a huge problem because they're fairly easy to avoid, but as you progress and have to deal with more and more nets, you'll have a bit of a harder time with them. Watch where the nets are and where they're going to go and stay out of the way. If there is a bonus below the net, let the net pass first and then go for the bonuses. Bonuses are important, though. If you want to get a decent score, bonuses will be your best friend - and not just the health bonuses. While not as important early in the game, air bonuses will become extremely important when the surface is littered with large boats making it hard to get up for air. Air bonuses will go along way toward keeping that air bar full and keeping you alive longer.

Overall, Moby Dick is an excellent fishing game that really stands alone when compared with most of the other fishing games online. Instead of just casting your line and trying to catch fish, you are the fish trying to avoid the humans trying to catch you; feeding your appetite with the smaller fish in the sea. Probably the best thing about this game is how simple it is while still offering a decent challenge. The controls are extremely easy to understand and newcomers won't have to worry about a lot of the extra things that make many of the other games in the genre so much more difficult to get the hang of. More experienced players are going to love the achievements and the challenge of trying to get a high score. This is really a game that offers something for every fishing game fan regardless of skill or experience level and is one that definitely shouldn't be missed.

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