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Just like most fishing games out there, Mad Shark has very straightforward and 'easy to pick up' controls. There's nothing fancy or complicated about it. You just have to use your mouse... or alternatively, your keyboard's arrow keys for basic movement. And when it's time to make that 'chompalicious' bite, just hit the arrow keys and see your victim bleed to death. That's about everything you need to know about the control scheme of the game. Let's take a closer look at it.

Mad Shark Walkthrough

Mad Shark - the objective of this game is very straightforward... nothing complicated about it: you are the MAD shark, a massive great white shark that will surely remind you of 'Jaws' and your job is to eat everything in sight. May it be fish, a scuba diver, or whatever, you have to eat it. After all, you are an 'insane in the brain' kind of shark. You need to go as far as you can before you get killed. When I first saw this game's description, I thought: "So I get to play as the shark and be the hunter. WOW! Sign me up!" But as it turns out, things are not as easy as it sounds.

You may be the mad shark BUT the scuba divers could be even madder! First off, you just can't deal with the scuba divers coming from behind. Nah, you can't turn around to bite them. When they get near you, they stab you with their knives as fast as a sewing machines. And before you know it, your health points go down the drain as your shark bleeds non-stop.

And that's NOT all!

The divers, it seems, are genetically engineered... a la universal soldiers. They won't go down easily not even after you chopped their body in half. They will retaliate with their knives and, trust me, you will be the first to go down. To make things even more challenging, the faster you swim, the faster you will get tired. Your strength points at the bottom of the screen will dwindle down fast and, to keep it up, you need to munch all that you encounter. As I have said, the scuba divers are very tough customers. While there are fishes and fries along the way, with your size and appetite, they are anything but filling. When you lose all of your strength, you are forced to rest... and the more time you take doing and eating nothing, the more your health will suffer.

YES, this game can be very difficult compared to other fishing games out there. I still like this game. After all, fishing games like this everyday... fishing games where you get to be the BIG fish and deal massive pain to whoever comes your way. And the graphics and the sound effects? They are nicely made.

It's NOT the best around... BUT it's definitely above average. This game is head and shoulders ahead of other flash-based fishing games in the sound and graphics department.

A couple of suggestions I have in mind though: (1) A story line would be very nice. (2) Variety - more sharks, changes in the background, etc. would also be very helpful in making the game engaging. (3) And last BUT definitely not the least, achievements - this game needs to have achievements. Instead of just seeing how far you can go before you die, achievements like eating a certain number of divers, keeping your health and strength high for some distance, etc. This would go a long way in keeping the players glued to the game.

That said, this fishing game is a nice effort all in all. If you have ever wondered what it's like to be in the shoes... or rather in the fins of a shark, give this game a shot. ?

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