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Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon Instructions

Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface, walk to your fishing spot, and to cast and reel your line.

Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon Walkthrough

Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon is the latest game in the Lake Fishing series of fishing games. Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon features the best graphics of the series to date, six new fishing locations, various types of lures, and new species of fish.

The objective of Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon is to catch as many fish as you can. There is no time limit in this fishing game, so take as long as you'd like and enjoy a simulated day on the lake. Once you are satisfied with your catch, you can submit your score by clicking the tab labeled "Statistic" at the top of the screen.

At the beginning of Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon, you will be prompted to select the spot that you wish to fish from. Different spots have different breeds of fish, so if you are looking for a specific catch, be sure to note the breeds available in the different areas. If you want to change your fishing spot, click the tab labeled "Select place" in the upper-left corner. Be careful not to click the 'X', however, or you will be taken back to the main menu and your progress will be lost!

Unlike the prior Lake Fishing games, more than patience is required to master Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon; skill is required as well this time. Fish are visible in the water, and a radar on the right side of the screen can help you to locate fish. Choosing the correct bait for the job is also important in this fishing game. For example, if you want to catch pike, it is best to catch plastic lures in front of them. On the other hand, trout prefer old-fashioned, hand-dug worms. Finally, fish put up more of a fight, so it might be harder to reel them in once you get a bite. A slow, steady pace of reeling fish in is the best policy in general since you're not letting them get away, but you're not creating too much tension that would cause your line to break either.

Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon is the most realistic game in the Lake Fishing series of fishing games to date. It may not be as leisurely as its predecessors, but gamers looking for a realistic fishing game experience will enjoy Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon!

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