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Lake Fishing 2 Instructions

Lake Fishing 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface and to cast and reel your line.

Lake Fishing 2 Walkthrough

Lake Fishing 2 is the sequel to the fishing game, Lake Fishing. Lake Fishing 2 retains the gameplay and control scheme of its predecessor but also sports more species of fish, a greater number of places to fish from, and improved graphics.

Lake Fishing 2 simulates a peaceful day at the lake. There is no objective way to lose this fishing game or time limits to worry about; simply cast your line and catch as many fish as possible! The total number of fish that you have caught as well as their combined weight is displayed in the upper-left corner of the screen. Once you feel that you have caught enough fish, you can submit your score by clicking the button labeled "Score" at the top of the screen and see where your catch measures up!

Lake Fishing 2 uses the same mouse control scheme as its predecessor. At the start of this fishing game, you will have to choose a fishing spot. Click on the spot that you would like to fish in. If you want to change positions, click on the button labeled "Menu" and select a new spot. Once you are satisfied with your position, click anywhere on the lake to cast your line. Click and hold the mouse button to reel your line back in. If a fish bites, be sure not to reel your line too quickly, or the the line may break! After you've caught a fish, click anywhere to continue.

Much like real fishing, Lake Fishing 2 takes patience. You may not catch a fish on your first cast, so keep casting until you get a bite. If you leave your line in the water long enough, a fish will eventually bite. Moving to a new area may also help you to catch more fish. There is no technique that guarantees a bite, so if you want a high score, you're just going to have to be patient.

Lake Fishing 2 is an improvement over its predecessor. This fishing game may not be a substitute for actually going to the lake, but it's the next best thing for fishermen that are stuck in the office.

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