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While some gamers, especially the hard core ones, are always looking for a challenge... looking for games that would twist not only their minds but their hands as well, there are fellas who want something that's simple and uncomplicated. And if you are one of those gamers, fishing games are yours for the taking. Kenai River Run is a fishing game that is played entirely with the mouse: click somewhere on the lake to throw your line and bait. And if something is caught by the hook, just tap on the left click button to reel it in. Hopefully, it's a BIG catch! Anyway, enough with the control scheme, let's have a closer look at the game.

Kenai River Run Walkthrough

So you want to go fishing? Pack up all of your fishing gear and some supplies, go to the nearest lake or river (which could be a couple of miles away from home), and VIOLA! You can now spend the rest of the day bathing in the sun and waiting for a bass, steelhead, or king salmon to take your bait. Well, if only things are that easy, BUT for most of us, it's not. It could be due to a couple of reasons: perhaps it's off-season; maybe your schedule is too hectic; probably you have a lot of personal stuff to prioritize and attend to. Bottom line, in this hectic and fast paced world we are in, it's hard to find time to relax and have some fun. BUT don't worry! You can still get all of the enjoyment and relaxation that fishing has to offer by playing their virtual counterparts: online and flash based fishing game. To be realistic, it will not help you fish better in real life. BUT trust me, they are fun!

Kenai River Run is a fishing game that places you on the shoes of a casual fisher on the lake. The objective of the game is anything BUT complicated: you are given 5 minutes to catch as many fishes as you can. After the 5-minute mark, you are given a score based on the total weight of all the fishes you caught. This game is like an FPS (first person shooting) game with the crosshair for your line and bait. Aim for those silhouettes swimming in the water and you might just hit upon something HUGE. The lake you are on is teeming with all sorts of marine life: you will find sockeyes that can weight anywhere from 9 to 11 pounds; there are steelheads that can be as heavy as 21 pounds; you might even catch a dolly varden, which is a little heavier than the sockeyes (at 14 pounds); or if you are really like, you might stumble upon a king salmon at a whopping 61 pounds. That's heavier than a dolly varden, steelhead, and sockeye combined! If bad luck strikes, however, you may be 'lucky' to take home a trophy sized log, which is good for... well, maybe for the campfire later? Somewhere to sit on?

Anyway, this fishing game is fun! It may not be at par with the best console fishing games, BUT it's fun. Now, before the fanatics of the real life sport bash me... that online and flash-based fishing stinks and is nowhere near the real thing, let me tell you this: yeah, it's not as good as the real thing, BUT no it doesn't stink. Give it a shot, trust me, you will get hooked. With the nice background, good sound effects, and other niceties, you will find yourself playing 5-minute games of Kenai River Run again and again. One minor quibble I have, though, is that all of those fishing gears on the side of the game screen are nothing but for show. You can't upgrade your guys, you can't buy more baits... nada. As it turns out, it's just for advertising a fishing equipment and hardware company. Nothing more than that. If only they made it more interactive by adding upgrades, achievements, etc., this game would be so much better. BUT yeah, it is what it is. Instead of criticizing it some more, I'm just going to have fun with it... and so should you.

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