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Swim down using the down arrow key. Swim right using the right arrow key. Swim left using the left arrow key. Shoot (when you have weapons available) using 'space'.

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Johnny Deep is really more of an adventure game than a fishing game, but that doesn't mean fans of fishing games won't have a blast playing this one. There are elements of the game that fit in with more traditional games in the genre so fans will be pleased with that but the fact that the whole premise is so different will make the game feel unique and new - not something you'd get with most of the other fishing games online. The controls are easy to use and easy to understand while the graphics are simple yet entertaining. Unlike most of the other fishing games online, newcomers and more experienced players are going to start out on equal footing in this one because it's so different from most of the other games in the genre. Experience in more traditional fishing games really isn't going to help you a whole lot with this one which actually makes it more appealing. It will take experienced players out of their comfort zone and challenge them to try something new. Newcomers will also enjoy the game thanks to the challenge it offers without feeling frustrating or overwhelming.

The basic premise behind Johnny Deep is pretty basic. You are a diver trying to reach the depths of the ocean. The deeper you get the more gold you will be rewarded with. Gold can be used to buy upgrades that will greatly benefit you as you try to beat your own high score. You can upgrade your gear, your health, your oxygen tanks, your weapon and your light. Each one of these upgrades is vitally important if you want to get deeper into the ocean but they must be purchased in order. For example, when upgrading your gear, you need to start with the dive mask. The dive mask doesn't really offer any benefit other than making your diver look cool but once you have the dive mask, you can purchase the flippers which allow your diver to move faster. Each new item in the gear upgrade category will enable your swimmer to move more quickly. The benefit here is obvious. The faster you move, the faster you can reach new depths before you run out of air. In the health category, each new upgrade will give you more health when you start out which will allow you to take more damage from the various obstacles you have to face (mines, jellyfish and sharks to name just a few) and will keep you alive longer. Upgrades to your oxygen tanks will help you have more air when you're under water which will also help you survive longer. Weapon upgrades give you more harpoons which you can use to take out enemies before you come into contact with them. This helps you conserve health. Finally, you have light upgrades. Light upgrades help you see better in the water which definitely offers benefit once you get into the depths of the ocean. Aside from upgrades, there are also various bonuses you can collect that will help you out with some of these factors and help you last longer.

There are several bonuses you can collect in Johnny Deep that make it a bit easier to do well in the game. Bonuses aren't terribly uncommon in the world of online fishing games, but they're a bit different in this one. You can get gold bonuses that will add to the amount of gold you collect and get you closer to being able to purchase important upgrades, health bonuses that will help replenish any health you've lost, oxygen bonuses which will add to the amount of oxygen you have and help you survive longer under water and weapon bonuses that will help improve your weapons. All of the bonuses are extremely beneficial, but think about whether or not you really need them before you put yourself in a dangerous situation before you try to collect them. For example, extra harpoons are great and allow you to shoot at more enemies, but they're not really vital to your survival. Don't waste your health going for weapons bonuses you can't reach. The only exception here is if you're going for an achievement that requires you to kill a certain number of enemies. In that case, having extra harpoons will be more of a benefit. Achievements are great and are a fun addition to the game, but if you're having trouble with the basic game, going for the achievements isn't really all that important. If you're going to go for achievements though, you have no shortage of options. The 'Get Wet' and 'First Blood' achievements are easy to get. There are also three depth achievements you can go after, six 'kill' achievements and a gold digger achievement you can go after for collecting 20 gold bonuses. Those looking for more of a challenge should try choosing one achievement to go after for each 'day' in the game. It will give you something a little extra to shoot for and keeps the game interesting after you've purchased all of the upgrades.

The best way to do well in Johnny Deep is not really much different than doing well in most of the other fishing games online. Don't overlook the importance of upgrades and bonuses. While it might seem like the gold bonuses aren't all that important when compared with oxygen or health bonuses, that isn't the case. Gold bonuses are extremely important. You earn a fair bit of gold just by getting deep down in the water but if you want some of the advanced upgrades that are so important to doing well in the game, you'll need to get those gold bonuses. In addition, make sure you pay attention to where the bonuses are. Only swim into danger if the bonus is needed. Finally, buy your upgrades wisely. Light upgrades are important when you start getting deep down, but until that time, they won't offer you much use. Gear upgrades are likely the most important upgrades in the game. Focus on getting those upgrades to improve your speed to increase how fast you can move down into the water. What upgrades you should get after that will depend on your skills in the water. If you're having a hard time avoiding your enemies, you want to go for the health upgrades. Alternatively, focus on your oxygen upgrades if you're fairly good at navigating around your enemies. Look at what usually takes you out - low oxygen or low health - and buy upgrades that can help resolve that problem. If you collect bonuses and purchase upgrades wisely, you should do great in this game.

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