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IAFish Instructions

Move your fish by moving your mouse.

IAFish Walkthrough

In IAFish your goal is pretty simple - get the highest score you can possibly get and then play again to try to beat that score. It's a pretty simple goal, but the game is so much fun you're going to want to play over and over again. You earn points by moving your fish around the screen and eating worms or other fish that are smaller than you. The more fish and worms you eat, the bigger your fish will be and the more points you will earn. The difference between this game and most of the other strategy fishing games that follow a similar premise is that you have to keep an eye on your health and karma levels (shown at the top of the screen; health on the left and karma on the right) to survive in the game and also to get the highest point score possible. While health determines how long your game will last - if you run out of health, your game is over - keeping your karma level high will earn you a significant increase in points. If you allow your karma level to get too low, your health will be affected, so keep an eye on it.

The the top right on your game screen in IAFish, you will see seven fish indicators. These fish indicators show you what your fish is most interested in eating. Try to go after the fish your fish is hungry for. Those fish indicators play a role in your karma rating so make sure you do your best to follow them. It isn't always possible, but a few misses won't do too much damage. As long as you can keep your karma rating on the higher end of things you should be fine. If you come into contact with a fish that is bigger than you, you will lose health points, though. Keep this in mind when you're watching the fish indicators. It's worth taking a few hits to your karma rating if it will keep your health rating intact.

IAFish is different from most of the other strategy fishing games online in so many ways, it's hard to really consider them in the same category. Your aren't just required to eat smaller fish to make your own fish bigger, but you're required to seek out the right kind of fish in order to keep your karma level on the higher side. This can be hard because you won't always be able to tell which kind of fish is the right fish from the fish indicator alone. In addition, coming into contact with a larger fish does not necessarily mean you'll die immediately. That isn't true in most strategy fishing games. In this one, though, your health meter determines everything. If your health meter is full, or at least close to full, you should be able to take a few brushes with the big boys before you really need to start worrying.

Overall, IAFish is an addictive and entertaining strategy fishing game that will keep you playing game after game. It isn't the most difficult strategy fishing game online, but it is one that will keep your attention from beginning to end and will keep you trying to beat your own high score. For more experienced players of this sort of game, IAFish is going to be a bit on the easy side, but not so easy you won't want to keep playing. Newcomers will love the fact that the game isn't complicated. The controls are easy to use and the rules are simple. Even beginners have a chance at a high score. Just enjoy the game and have fun. It's well worth checking out.

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