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Fishing games, by nature, are very easy to play. Nothing fancy or finger / mind-bending as far as control schemes go. To play the fishing game Hook Line And Sinker, all you need to use is your mouse: (1) move your boat back and forth using your mouse, and (2) drop your bait and line by hitting the left click button... and hope that you catch something in the process. Well, that's about everything for the controls. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Hook Line and Sinker Walkthrough

Nothing could be more relaxing than camping near a river shore with all of your fishing gears - your vests, pack of baits and top-of-the-line fishing rod that could cost thousands of bucks, and everything else in between. No hassles, no worries, nothing to rush about - you are just out there, taking your time and waiting for that HUGE bass to snap on your bait. But with the crazy and hectic schedule everybody seems to be stuck with, it's hard to find time to hit the river shores and do our thing. The solution? Do the next best thing! Play fishing games and fish online, and Hook Line And Sinker is a game online and real-life fishing enthusiasts will surely love playing.

The objective of the game is very easy: you have to pass a level and to do just that, you MUST catch the same kind of fish in a row (three at the very least) and reach the combo goal for that fish. Easy, right? BUT hold up, your fishing line at the beginning of the game isn't the best around. It's not long enough to reach the depths you want, and that said, you won't be able to catch BIGGER fishes that cost MORE points. BUT no worries still. Your fishing line can be upgraded. You can lengthen your line, which will enable you to catch those rare deep-water fishes. And to take your rod's catching power to the next level, you can also upgrade its strength, allowing you to reel in larger and heavier fishes. Now, don't get too cocky or over-confident just because you have a top-of-the-line, ultra-long, and very powerful fishing line or rod. There are fishes that you just have to leave alone. Do you see where I'm driving at? Yeah, I'm talking about sharks... the tigers of the deep sea. If you try catching a shark, which no man in his right mind would do, it will try to attack you. It may leave you alone on the first try, BUT do that twice and the shark won't hesitate to eat you. Apparently, these guys are working on a 'Once is enough two is too much' mindset.

Aside from the sharks, there really isn't anything else to be afraid of. Any other fish is 'fair game'. Matter of fact, you want to go deeper than you normally would as, out there in the deep, you will find heavier and rarer fishes... and that translates to better standings at the scoreboard. Well, that is if your reflexes are good enough to catch these elusive marine creatures.

Alright, I guess that's about everything for Hook Line And Sinker. It may not be the greatest or best looking fishing games out there. BUT for sure, it's always around ready to be played when you are all stressed and tired... and could use some relaxation. Dig in!

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