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Harbor Fishing Instructions

If you want to play this cute online fishing game, you just need to make sure your keyboard's arrow keys are working perfectly. And that's it! Use the left and right buttons to move your boat and the down arrow key for dropping that hook and catching all of the fish you can handle in 2 minutes!

Harbor Fishing Walkthrough

Harbor Fishing - here's the story behind this fishing game: Menewsha's mascot (who happens to be a trouble maker), Yumeh The Cat, is complaining about his empty belly. And its your task to feed him! You need to help Lance by taking the SS Meow (weird boat name huh) into the harbor.

Once you are on the site, it's time to fish for 2 minutes and score as much as you can. Fast and flexible fingers are needed to score high in this game. You need to constantly move around and catch up on the fish. Some left and right arrow key-abuse is called for in this game.

When you are in position, hold on to the down arrow key to drop the hook at the desired depth. You should position the hook at the fish's mouth and release it. And VIOLA! You've just made your catch. By the way, don't be surprised at the fishes you will see. They don't really look like fishes. Some of them look like cats, others are like cows...in simpler terms, they're all weird looking for a fish BUT cute nonetheless.

Oh! By the way, You will also encounter those trashes all over the place. Broken TVs and others - catch them and you will be rewarded by the Mr. Mayor for keeping the water clear and clean. I wish we have such a Mayor too. Anyway, have fun in this cute and fast paced online fishing game - Harbor Fishing.

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