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Happy Fishing Instructions

Fishing games are NEVER complicated. Usually, you only need to make sure your mouse or arrow keys are working, and you should be good to go. Happy Fishing is NOT different. To play and interact throughout the game, just use your mouse: (1) Move the mouse to tweak the shooting and casting angle. (2) Hit the left click button and hold it down to determine the casting power. (3) Release when you are all set. Once your lure and bobber hits a fish (and if you have enough bait), you will catch the fish.

Happy Fishing Walkthrough

Happy Fishing - it's one of those arcade-looking fishing games, which is quite good enough to keep you entertained during those boring afternoons. You can always play it whenever you want, and it all depends on you how long you want to play it. Once you are done, if you need to do something much more important than catch virtual fishes, you can set it aside and go back to it later. No commitments, nothing to worry about - just have fun catching those fishes.

Before you dig in and play the game, let's have a closer look at the game's interface. On the top left corner, you will find how much time you have left. If that runs out and you are not able to catch the amount of fish you need to, then you have to start over. Next to it is your bait collection. There are 3 types of baits and we'll tackle that a little later. And on the top right corner, you will find the number and types of fishes you have caught and hauled in.

As for the fishes, there are 3 kinds of them in the game, and each fish is attracted by certain bait: (1) The blue-stripped and yellow fish eats the yellow bait. (2) The light blue ones, on the other hand, love eating the blue bait. Man, I'm not sure what these baits are but they look like car keys at first sight. (3) And, last BUT not the least, the pink car keys... or baits rather attract the pink fishes. Keep in mind that you only have a limited number of baits. You must make sure that each time you cast your line and lure, it counts and you catch something in the process. HOWEVER, over time, your baits will run out. This is where bonus baits come to the rescue. These bonuses are in a test tube (I knew it, those are genetically enhanced worms!), and each tube has 2 baits in them.

As for the time limit, one way to make sure you beat the clock, aside from casting your line and lure hard and fast enough, is to collect those time bonuses (represented by a floating clock) whenever you see one. They appear far more frequently than the baits. While each of them only gives you 5 seconds, imagine collecting 2, 3, or 4 of them. That should help you cope up with the clock.

Oh! And one last time, at the later stages, the fishes get cunning. They will only swim under a far distance. With that in mind, you should be good at timing your casts and be able to cast it long enough. There are in game instructions in reading the casting power meter and the distance that the line will travel. Summing things up, this is a cool fishing game that can keep you entertained for quite some time. Not fantastic, BUT it's good enough.

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