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Goldo - while the game is NOT the usual fishing game you'd expect from the genre, it surely feels like one. Anyway, as for the controls, it's fairly straightforward and easy. Instead of using the mouse, you need to use the arrow keys - Left and Right to move your cart and swing the rope. On the other hand, when you are sure you can grab that chunk of gold, just hit the Down arrow to get it and Up arrow to reel it in.

Goldo Walkthrough

Alright, as I have mentioned earlier, this is no ordinary fishing game. For one thing, you won't be hunting down or catching fishes, you would be catching gold! Hence, the name Goldo. Now, in this game, you are in total control of everything. Your cart's movement, the rope, the hook, and everything else in between. BUT mind you, don't be deceived. This game is NOT easy...not by a long shot!

For one thing, the game has a time limit...every level has a time limit. You only have like 60 seconds for every stage. Sure, 60 seconds may be a lot of time in the early stages of the game. BUT later on, you need to press those arrow keys like you are on steroids if you want to survive and move on to thenext level.

The idea of the game is that you should clear each level of gold before you run out of seconds. One note about the gold - in the beginning of each level, there are chunks of gold that shine and there are others that don't. This is significant since those shimmering blocks of gold can be picked while the rest can't. They will just drop off, which means no extra points for you.

Along with that, the slightest movement of your cart will move your rope and hook, which can result to an off target shot...wasting more precious seconds. And one last reminder, avoid the rocks! Accidentally bump on them and the chunk of gold you are trying to bring home will drop. And that means more wasted points.

If digging for gold has been your dream, if you want a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat, if you are on the hunt for a fishing game that's not really a fishing game, then give Goldo a shot. I'm pretty sure you will like it.

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