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Drop your hook by clicking with the left mouse button.

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Goldfish Bowl is an addictive and entertaining strategy fishing game in which your only goal is to get the highest score possible by trying to catch the good items while trying to avoid catching the bad ones. While the goal is simple, the game certainly isn't. The premise of the game is pretty basic and not completely uncommon in the world of strategy fishing games; you are shown a screen full of good, bad and special items you can catch by dropping a fish hook into the water as it swings back and forth. You'll need to time the drop well or you'll end up with an old tire on the end of your line instead of a glass of wine. Each level has a goal you'll need to meet to progress to the next level but in some levels, meeting that goal can feel just about impossible. The greatest thing about this game though, is that it can get frustrating but it's always fun. It challenges you to get the highest score you can get and then play again to get an even better score.

While all of the items you'll see under the water in Goldfish Bowl can be put into one of three categories - good, bad and special - in truth, most of the bad items aren't all that bad. It's a good idea to try to avoid them if you want to get a high score, but all of the 'bad' items, with the exception of the blowfish, will give you points; even if the amount of points you get for a bad item is small when compared with the points you're given for a good item. Focus on trying to collect only the good items, but don't get too upset if you catch a bad one. It wastes a bit of time - time that could be used to try to boost your score by catching good items - but you'll still at least get some points.

Despite the fact that the game description promises several levels, Goldfish Bowl is a fairly short game. In fact, this is one of the shorter strategy fishing games online. While some might find that a disadvantage, high score fans are going to find it more of an advantage. It doesn't take long to play the game the whole way through, allowing you to rack up a decent score without spending hours playing. Even if you play again and again trying to beat your own high score, you're not going to spending a lot of time on the game. This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits offered by the game and is also what makes is so addictive.

Overall, Goldfish Bowl is one of the most entertaining strategy fishing games online simply because it keeps things interesting from beginning to end. There are several different puzzles so there's a good chance you'll face new challenges in every game you play. Newcomers to this sort of strategy fishing game might have a bit of a hard time even meeting the first level goal, but keep playing. You'll get it eventually. The best way to meet your goal is to pay close attention to where the hook is before you drop it and try to visualize where the hook will end up. As you play, you'll get better at figuring that out. More experienced players might find this one a bit on the easy side but will love the high scores they are able to get. At the end of each game, you'll see 'star goals'. Strive to get more stars each time you play and you'll have a blast and always stay challenged.

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