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Go Fishing Instructions

As far as control schemes go, there is nothing complicated, fancy, or mind-twisting about this fishing game - Go Fishing. Just like other games within the genre, the game is played entirely with the keyboard... with the arrow keys to be specific: (1) use your arrow keys to move your boat back and forth, left to right using the corresponding direction keys. (2) When you see a fish you fancy, just hit the down button to drop your line. (3) When the fish bites the bait, it's time to reel up your line. And to do just that, hit the space bar button until... VIOLA! The fish goes straight to your bucket of catches. That's about everything you need to know about the controls. Now let's have a closer look at the game.

Go Fishing Walkthrough

Go Fishing - just how straightforward could a game developer get when it comes to game names, huh? As the name suggests, in this game, you would go... well, fishing! Everything about the game is easy to pick up and straightforward except for one thing: the instructions are in Japanese. So if you don't speak Japanese... if you don't have even the slightest idea what does characters mean, read on.

To be fair, even if the instructions are on Japanese, it's NOT hard to figure the game out. The objective of the game is as easy as it could get: you are given a minute, and within the minute, you need to catch as many fishes and marine creatures as you can. There are normal trouts that abound the not-so-deep part of the sea. These guys are worth 500 points each. Then there is the horrible looking angler fish - the fish that looks like a piranha that has a light bulb. I'm very sure they are supposed to be in the abyss... a place in the ocean where no line or rod is long enough to reach. BUT in any case, they are here and catching one brings you 600 points. Next on the list, we have the eel - and they are agile and hard to catch. I haven't caught one yet in the game so I'm not too sure how many points they are worth. Following that, there are sea horses at 300 points each; swordfishes at 200 points each (I was expecting them to be worth more, they are expensive and endangered in real life you see); and last and the LEAST, there's the lobster at 100 points each.

Everything you see in the game is worth catching - all of them amount to something. Well, almost everything except for one... the BIG and badass shark that appears out of nowhere every now and then. Make the mistake of baiting the shark and you will end up as lunch. He will tug your line so hard you will fall into the water... straight to his mouth filled with razor sharp teeth. So when you see a shark, pull your line and bait up to make sure you don't get his attention.

Well, that's about everything you need to know as far as Go Fishing goes. Nothing fancy or groundbreaking - just a solid and quite fun fishing game with Japanese instructions. Check it out and have fun.

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