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Funny Fishing Instructions

Want to play Funny Fishing? Well, even a 12-year old kid can play it, especially with the as-easy-as-pie control scheme it has. No need for the keyboard at all. You will play this game just with your mouse. Move your mouse and the line as well as the bobber. Once the target fish bites the bait, hit the left click button to reel and haul it in. Rinse and repeat until you finish the level. That's it! Nothing complicated as far as the controls go. Now, let's check out the game...

Funny Fishing Walkthrough

If you think most games (shooting games, RPGs, real-time strategy games, etc.) are too complicated for you to handle, if you want games that are relaxed yet still fun to play, then look no further. Fishing games are yours for the taking. Slow BUT steady - that's how it usually goes in this gaming genre.

Funny Fishing is one of those fishing games that, while NOT complicated, is interesting enough to keep you glued on your monitors and computer seats for quite some time. The goal of the game is pretty common by fishing games' standards: Before a level or stage starts, you are briefed which fishes to catch and how many of them. Catch the right fish (and the right number of them) and you will move on to the next level. Rinse and repeat the process until you win the game.

Here's a word of warning though: you have a limited number of worms or bait. For example, when you need to catch 3 fishes of the same kind, you are given only 5 worms to get the job done. Yes, you need to make every bait count... you have very little margin for error. To make the game even more challenging, there are many other fishes in the sea bed. Catching them doesn't count. That only wastes your baits. And here's what: the obstructive fishes will be attracted by your bait! They will go after it. Not to mention the fishes on the previous level stays for the next level... this crowds the sea bed. Bottom line: the farther you are into the game, the harder it is to have enough baits in your arsenal.

PLUS, the fishes you need to catch are not cooperative as well. After all, no fish wants to end up as someone else's lunch whether in a game or in real life. Anyway, they will try to resist your pressure...and if you are NOT able to pressure them enough and haul them, they will escape to safety with your bait.

Once you run out of baits or worms in your bucket, it's game over for you.

As far as strategy or tactics go, there's nothing much to elaborate about this fishing game. It's not like those pro bass fishing games in PS3, Xbox, etc. where you can upgrade your bait, make your hook and line more efficient and accurate, sail to the right spot, etc. It's more of a kid's fishing game. But hey, there's always a kid in all of us. And this is one of those fishing games that will bring it out in the open! Have fun.

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