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Fishy Instructions

Move up using the up arrow key. Move down using the down arrow key. Move right using the right arrow key. Move left using the left arrow key.

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Fishy is one of the simplest, most addictive fishing games on the internet. It's no wonder this game is often considered a classic in the genre. It's just too much fun not to get wrapped in but it's so easy to play anyone will be able to get the hang of the controls. While there is no leader board to compare your high score with players from around the world, that hardly matters. The challenge to keep playing to beat your own high score will be more than enough to get you hooked. The premise is to ridiculously basic it's hard to understand why some of the more advanced fishing games online bother with all the bells and whistles when they're clearly not necessary to make a game interesting. In this one, you are a fish in an ocean full of other fish. Some of the other fish are bigger than you, some are smaller and some are the same size. There's your set up. Pretty simple right? The rules are even less complicated. You have to eat fish to grow bigger and earn points. You can only eat fish that are smaller than you. If you try to eat a fish that is the same size or bigger, you will get eaten yourself and your game will be over. There are no fancy upgrades to buy. There are no special keyboard shortcuts to fire weapons or anything of that nature. Instead, you just swim around, eat fish while trying not to get eaten. It sounds easy but it's anything but.

The biggest benefit Fishy offers is the fact that it doesn't complicate things with a lot of unnecessary additions. This is also the element of the game that really sets it apart from most of the other fishing game online. While most of the other games in the genre throw a lot of upgrades at you and super special bonuses this one sticks to the basics and is better for it. Anyone can play this game regardless of their skill or experience level with the genre. You need to be fairly quick with your fingers on those arrow keys and have a decent reaction time to get a high score in this one, but even if you can't get a score in the quadruple digits or higher, you're still going to have a lot of fun trying. As you play you will improve. You'll get used to controlling the fish and having it move where you want it to go. You'll also get better at determining where you want your fish to go. That's a fairly important part of the game. You need to be able to look at the fish surrounding you and figure out where your fish need to be in order to be safe. Getting your fish to that safe spot can be a challenge, but finding the safest spot can be even more difficult. Try to be patient. You will build those skills as you play.

The best way to get a great score in Fishy is to be careful. It sounds fairly obvious, but that's really the most important part in this game. While in other fishing games, it might be necessary to take risks, that really isn't the case here. If there is a smaller fish close to a big fish, only go after that fish if you're sure you're going to be able to get away from the bigger fish fast enough. Getting that smaller fish would, in fact, help your score, but that won't do you much good if you die in the process. Another smaller fish will come along. If you're not sure you won't be able to get away fast enough, it's not worth the risk. On the other hand, it's also important you don't just stay in one spot and wait for smaller fish to come to you. Chasing after those fish is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game but, again, you need to be careful about it. Look at where you need to be and figure out the best way to get there. Look at what other fish you will need to navigate around. Time everything right and use caution and you should be fine.

Overall, Fishy is a simple fishing game that offers a lot of intensity and excitement that anyone can play and enjoy. It isn't just a fishing game. It's a strategy game, an adventure game, a hunting game and a fishing game all rolled into one. The broad appeal is likely what has helped this game gain classic status; especially when combined with its truly addictive nature. This is a game you can kill a little time with or spend hours obsessing over. My simple rule of thumb for getting a great score in this game is pretty easy to remember - when in doubt, don't eat it. In other words, if you think a fish may possibly be smaller than you but you aren't quite sure, don't go after it. It'll keep you alive and hunting a lot longer which will give you more time to boost your score. As you eat fish and your fish gets bigger, it will be much easier to tell what fish you can eat. The trade off, of course, is that the bigger you get the harder it is to get out of the way. Stay on your toes and keep those fingers ready on the arrow keys and you should do fine. This is a great game and shouldn't be missed - definitely one of my favorites in the genre.

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