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When it comes to controls, this fun online fishing game is straightforward and uncomplicated. You just need to make sure that your mouse is working perfectly and you are all set to enjoy hours of fishing fun. For moving your fisherman and his boat, setting your lure and hook underwater, and reeling it - you just need your mouse's left click button.

Fishing Trip Walkthrough

Whether you are a seasoned pro or online fishing game newbie, you will surely have a lot of fun with Fishing Trips's unique game play.

This online fishing game comes with 2 modes of play:

(1) Campaign Mode - For this game mode, you need to catch a fixed number of certain fish for every level. You need to do it consecutively. This is your combo goal. After your mission, all of the fishes you have caught will be sold and you earn cash for it. The money you gain can then be traded for upgrades and enhancements that you can buy from the shop.

The more fishes you catch, the more cash you earn. And that means better upgrades, better fishing gears, and better online fishing game experience!

(2) Action Mode - If you are looking for a fast paced and timed online fishing action, then this is the game mode to go for in Fishing Trip. Now, this mode has no levels. Instead, the objective is to catch as many fish as you can in the allotted time.

Want to increase the time you have? Here's what you have to do: go for Combo Goals, similar to the tasks you need to accomplish in the Campaign Mode. Go for the Action Mode and battle against the ticking clock!

With great looking graphics, simple controls, and 2 exciting game modes - you are sure to have hours of unstoppable fun!

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