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If you are looking for flash-based and online games that are as easy as pie to play, you don't need to look further - fishing games are yours for the taking! These games have very easy control schemes and 'Fishing The Sea' is NOT different. Just like other games in the genre, the game is played entirely with the mouse: drop your bait using your mouse... just move it where you want it to go and wait until a fish sets its sights on it. Once a fish takes the bait, slowly BUT surely reel in your line by moving your mouse up towards your boat. Rinse and repeat until you beat the level. That's about everything you need about the controls. Let's have a closer look at the game.

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When fishing comes into discussion, normally, you are supposed to be under the sun with all of your fishing gears - rod, reel, and bait, while you stay at the lake several miles away from your city... far away from all of the confusion, noise, and pressure. It's relaxing to say the least. It somewhat makes you feel one with nature. And that is precisely why fishing while sitting comfortably on your sofa sounds strange! HOWEVER, with the fast paced computer world we are living in, everything is possible - even fishing from your laptop or desktop! Everything can be done with a couple of clicks with your mouse and VIOLA! You are off fishing. While it may not be as relaxing or soothing as fishing in real life, for people who don't have the time or luxury to go miles away from home to catch some bass or salmon, this is the NEXT best thing.

To make the deal even sweeter, you don't really have to look further for a good online fishing game. It's all here: 'Fishing The Sea'. The objective of the game is very straightforward and easy to pick up: you are given a time limit (I'm just not sure how much but there's a countdown timer on the low left corner). And within the time limit, you need to catch as many fishes as you can. If you meet your quota, GOOD! You move on to the next level. Rinse and repeat until you have satisfied your appetite for luring and catching marine life. The mechanics of the game is just as easy to pick up. To catch a fish, just move your bait near one and keep it steady. Of course, you don't want to arouse suspicion by moving your bait to and fro. You want that juicy fish to think there's a free meal right in front of them. Once they take the bait, it's time to make your move. Reel and haul them all the way up to your boat by moving your mouse. HOWEVER, you need to do it slowly but surely. Do it too fast and the fish will let go of the bait and your dinner is gone.

A couple of things to note: Aren't BIG fishing boats supposed to use something huge for catching fishes? Say a net that is a couple of meters in width and length? Right? Well, apparently, you and your crew want to do it old-school way: with a fishing rod and bait. Also, if you are looking for a fishing game that scores heavily in the visual effects and graphics department, you may want to look at something else. The fishes in this game are anything but colorful. They are all black... very much like a kindergartener's drawing. That said, it's still quite fun. If you want a fishing game that you can play when you are bored and have some free time in your hands, this is it.

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