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Fishing Master Instructions

Playing Fishing Master (a fishing game that has some nice and cool graphics) is as easy as it could get. No need for the keyboard. If your mouse is fine and working, then you are all set. Move the mouse left and right to move your boat and your fishing rod. To cast your line and bobber, just press the left click button and hold it down until your bobber reaches optimal depth. Once you are all set, release the left click button to pull back the bobber and enjoy your catch. By the way, once the line and bobber has reached its limit, it will automatically go back up the surface.

Fishing Master Walkthrough

So you are on the hunt for fishing games that are beefed up with glittery and nice looking graphics? One that is relaxing to play - no stress or pressure, just pure fun? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Fishing Master is yours for the taking! The objective of the game is just as straightforward as it could get. You need to help Kini in his fishing endeavors using your mouse. You need to catch the fishes by hooking them or clicking on them as they appear. That's it! HOWEVER, there are some challenges along the way. First off, there's a time limit. I'm not exactly sure how much, BUT there's that time bar at the bottom of the screen. When that runs out, it's game over. You can restart the level or the game.

Along with that, there's a designated number of fishes you need to catch. For the very first fishing mission in the game, you need to catch 16 fishes, shrimps, squids, and even whales! No matter how big your catch is, it will only count as one. That, in itself, is not a problem. HOWEVER, when you consider the fact that sea creatures like whales and turtles slow down your reeling, then it could be a problem. What I recommend that you do is to leave the whales and turtles as much as possible and focus on the smaller fishes. Also, you can catch more than one for every reel... you can catch as many as 4 fishes, squids, etc. in one cast. Make sure you get the most out of them.

Oh, and here's another reminder: see those rubbishes... the tires, bottles, boxes of milk, and more? You need to avoid them, too. The first time you catch one of them won't do you any harm. For the second time around, still, nothing will happen to you and your boat. BUT on the third strike, it's game over! Your boat will sink and you need to restart the level.

There's nothing much to share about this game as far as strategy or tactics go. After all, it's a fishing game! It's supposed to be relaxing... and I must say that Fishing Master did a good job. Comes at you with nice and arcade-like graphics, straightforward controls, relaxing game play, etc. - this is one of those fishing games that are always ready to entertain you when things get boring.

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