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Fishing Frenzy Instructions

If you are looking for the online fishing game that has a challenging control scheme that requires quick reflexes, then Fishing Frenzy is a game that you simply have to play. Use your mouse to aim your hook and bait. After that, you need to click and hold to get the power bar rolling. And once you have achieved the power or strength you are aiming for, release it to cast. While the hook and bait are casted, hit the left click button to reel your catch in. To PROPERLY set the hook, immediately click when the fish tries to pull back the bobber underwater. Last BUT not the least, while reeling in a fish and playing tug of war against it, just keep the cursor in the mid part of the bar and carefully click.

Fishing Frenzy Walkthrough

Now that you already know the controls scheme for this online fishing game - Fishing Game, let's move on to the game mechanics.

You only have 2 minutes to play the game. And you need to catch as many fishes as you can - that's the objective of the game. A couple of reminders: you got to keep an eye on the wind. The wind ranges 1 to 10. Any fisherman who knows his thing knows that this can disturb fishes who are about to bite your bait.

So how do you score in this online fishing game? Simple. Your overall score is determined by adding up the length of the fishes you have caught. With that mind, the BIGGER the catch, the better it is. When there are a couple of fishes in sight, as much as possible, go for the BIGGEST one. It would give you the best bang for your efforts.

Fishing Frenzy - it's fast paced, comes with challenging controls, exciting game play - what more can you ask for? Whether you are a veteran or a newbie in the online fishing game genre, this is going to keep you busy for hours!

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