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Fishing Champion Instructions

Fishing games have been known for their simplicity and straightforwardness in game play as well as in controls. Fishing Champion is NOT an exception. All you need to have to play the game is a mouse (and, of course, you need to have your wits with you): (1) Start off by clicking the mouse to tweak and set your cast's power. (2) Find the right angle for your cast by moving your mouse. (3) Once you are all set, click again to cast. Rinse and repeat! Onto the game...

Fishing Champion Walkthrough

No mind-boggling plots or puzzles. No sudden twists and turns in the story or game play. To deliver sheer fishing games fun - this is what Fishing Champion is all about. The game's objective is as straightforward as it could get: (1) Complete every level by catching or snagging all of those valuable fishes. (2) As for your worm supply, you need to manage them to make the ends meet. (3) Bonuses are scattered all over the place. Collect them and score MORE! (4) Fish through six different fishing holes. And why do you need to do it? For the ultimate goal of becoming the Fishing Champion! One of those first-person fishing games, you may be a little baffled by the different items in your interface.

Before playing the game and starting your assault for the Fishing Championship, I think taking a closer look at the different parts of the game's interface would help: (1) Total Score: As the name suggests, this shows your overall score for the game. (2) Sound Button: Should you need to adjust or mute your sounds, just click this button and take it from there. (3) The Question Mark: If you need in-game instructions, this is the button to press. (4) Money Earned: Right beside the question mark, you will find how much money you have earned for catching fishes. Your hard-earned 'dough' can be used for upgrades and more. (5) Map: Check out the map and see which fishing hole should you need to go next. (6) Fish List: Opening this, on the other hand, will pull up the fishes you need to catch for that certain round or fishing hole. (7) Bobber: So your bobber isn't doing the job? It can't attract fish the way you want it to? NO PROBLEM! Click the Bobber select button to change it. (8) Worms: This shows how many worms you have at your disposal. When they run out, it's game over for you. (9) Bonus Fish: Want to earn bonuses? Want to score as high as you can? Then catch the bonus fish! (10) Casting Power Meter: This sort of indicates the power of your cast and how far it will go.

As with any fishing games, patience is a virtue in Fishing Champion. You cannot just pull out your bobber from the water. You need to wait...patiently, until that fish locks on your bait. From there, it's a tug-of-war battle. You need to set the hook fast enough to make sure your catch doesn't get away with your bait.

Coming at you with 6 different stages - starting at the Old Fishing Hole all the way to the Tikki Lagoon, this is a fishing game that will keep you busy for hours. Are you good enough to bag the Fishing Championship? There's only one way to find out: Play NOW!

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