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Aim your harpoon with the left and right arrow keys. Drop your harpoon with the down arrow key. Reel your harpoon in using the up arrow key. Drop freezing bombs (when available) using 'space'.

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Fisher Sam is, at its core, a traditional fishing game even if it takes the basic premise most fishing games are based on and expands it into an addictive and entertaining game that feels completely different from most of the other games in the genre. It isn't easy to find a unique fishing game online, but this one definitely fits the bill. In the game, you are a fisherman in a boat armed with a harpoon. The water below is filled with fish - and a few little extras - you need to harpoon to earn points. Each level has a point goal you need to reach in order to progress to the next level and that goal rises with each level. The great thing is that the points you earn in one level carry over to the next level making it a little easier to reach your next goal. Even with those points though, it's rarely easy to reach your target goal thanks to the time limit in each level. If you run out of time before you reach your goal, your game is over.

Newcomers and experience fishing game players are going to start out on equal footing with Fisher Sam. Having a lot of experience with fishing games is only going to offer limited help in this one because it isn't like most of the other games in the genre. Instead of casting your line to try to bait fish, you're dropping a harpoon targeting specific fish. More than that, in a lot of ways, this game is more difficult than your average fishing game. Not only do you have a set goal you have to reach and a limited amount of time to reach that goal, but you also have several fish that will sabotage your attempts. First you have sharks. Reeling in a shark is great. They're worth a lot of points and they're fairly large so they're easy to catch. The problem with sharks is that they will eat fish you're reeling in if the fish comes into contact with them, robbing you of whatever points you would've gotten for the fish on your line. Blowfish are likely the biggest swimming problem you'll face though. Getting one of these little buggers on your line is definitely something you should try to avoid. Not only do they not offer points, but they also rob you of points. They're especially a problem if you're just about to reach your point goal or are just slightly above it and are running out of time. The points a blowfish will subtract from your score can cost you the level. Finally, you have to deal with mines. Mines are little barrels with red 'x' symbols on them. These nasty little things will blow up all the fish on the screen at the time. Blowing up mines means you'll have to wait for more fish to appear which can waste quite a bit of time. That's definitely not something you want.

The great thing about Fisher Sam is that the makers of the game recognized they've created a fairly challenging game and offered several upgrades you can purchase with your points between levels. Be careful though. This game isn't like most of the other fishing games online. The points you spend on upgrades will be subtracted from the total number of points you begin with in the next level which makes meeting the point goal for the level a bit more difficult. Many of the upgrades are good for one level only. Make sure any upgrades you purchase are things you actually want. Hovering your mouse over the upgrade will tell you what it does. Take a moment or two to weight the pros and cons. Is the point loss worth it? If it will help you significantly than it's likely worth it. For example, freezing bombs, antidotes and speed drinks are great, and fairly inexpensive upgrades and are generally very much worth spending points on. Freezing bombs will freeze the water and the fish in it making it easier for you to catch fish and avoid the baddies. The great thing about freezing bombs is the bomb is not only available for one level. If you buy a bomb for one level but don't use it, it will carry over to the next level. You can also buy a freezing bomb even if you already have one. The number of bombs you have is indicated below the time you've left for the level in the top right corner of the screen. Antidotes are great because they reduce how many points you'll lose if you catch a blowfish. Speed drinks make your harpoon faster which allows you to make the most out of the time you have available. Unlike most fishing games, though, the upgrades you see in the store will not be the same every time. You never know what's going to be available. If there's nothing there that you think you'd like, don't bother buying anything. That will give you more points for when you start the next level. Only buy what you need.

The best way to do well in Fisher Sam is to reserve your points as often as possible. Don't waste your points on upgrades you don't absolutely need. In addition, do your best to avoid mines and blowfish. They'll definitely hurt your chances of meeting your points goal. While sharks can eat your fish, they're great to catch. Catch as many sharks as you can, even if it means letting a few other fish pass by. Because they're so valuable, they're worth waiting for. Aside from that, it's just a matter of aiming your harpoon carefully and timing your shots well. Go for fish closer to the top. They're easier to catch and you don't have as far to reel them back which saves you time. Remember, this isn't like other fishing games that follow this same basic premise. You control both when the harpoon drops and when you start to reel it back. You can start reeling back the moment you hit a fish which saves time, but make sure that's the best idea. If you can get more than one fish with one shot, go for it (unless one of those is a blowfish, of course). You'll get more points for your efforts.

Overall, Fisher Sam is one of the most addictive fishing games online simply because it isn't the same as all of the other games in the genre but isn't so different it alienates fans of the genre. People like fishing games for a reason - they like the challenge of trying to catch fish. While you won't be using the usual method in this game, you're still catching fish which makes the game appealing. In addition, this is a game anyone can enjoy. Newcomers and experienced players alike will have a blast playing. It's challenging, entertaining and engrossing. You want to keep playing to try to do a little better than you did the time before. The graphics are pretty simple but when a game is this fun, it's hard to worry about something like that. This is an excellent game any fan of online fishing games should try at least once. You won't be disappointed.

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