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Fisher Girl - as far as controls go, this online fishing game is easy and straightforward. All you have to do is hit and hold the left click button to cast your rod. Once it sinks in deep enough and a fish is hooked in, just click and hold the left click button to reel in your catch. Easy, huh? BUT the game has more than enough twists and turns to make the game challenging and interesting. Check these out!

Fisher Girl Walkthrough

Fisher Girl - while it sounds like an uber easy game meant to be played by girls who have a lot of time to kill, let me tell you this, it's NOT easy! So what's the objective of the game? This may sound weird BUT the ultimate goal is NOT to catch a legendary or super heavy fish BUT to save a boy who is lost and trapped on the other side of the ocean!

Here's what you need to do: reel in those fish one by one and earn points in the process. There are a lot of weird fishes in this game, there is the Ugg Fish, then there's the Gliterrati, the Wasteline, and those are just to name a few. Basically, there are 3 types of fishes - small ones, medium sized ones, and last BUT not the least, there are fishes that are monstrous in size!

Each fish group require a corresponding lure - small lure for those small fishes who are loitering near the surface. For the medium sized ones who are living a notch or two deeper, you need to grab the medium sized lure (priced around 200 points each), and for those fishes that have the size of ancient dinosaurs, grab the large lure.

So what are you supposed to do with the points you earn? You need to spend them on better rods and lures... allowing you to catch those fishes where no submarine could go! Once you have filled your arsenal with excellent fishing gear, it's about time you go back to the real objective of the game - and that is to save the boy stuck on the other side of the ocean.

How do you save him? That's for me to know and for you to find out! I'm not going to spoil it fellas. You better get those creative juices going and save the boy. And to make you even more thrilled, there are 2 different endings, and finding both of them is the challenge!

Fisher Girl - give it a shot! You'll love it.

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