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Fish Truck Instructions

Move left using the left arrow key. Move right using the right arrow key. Aim using the mouse. Fire using the left mouse button.

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Fish Truck definitely isn't your typical fishing game to say the least. Instead of giving you a fishing rod and challenging you to catch as many fish as you can, this game replaces your fishing rod with guns and your bait with bullets. The fish have already been caught. Your job is to get them to your destination without losing them all to the birds trying to steal them right out of the tank on the back of your truck. Shoot the birds and drive as fast as you can to get through this challenging and engrossing game. As you drive your truck from one side of the screen to the other, you'll earn points for every bird you shoot; points you can use at checkpoints to buy a variety of beneficial upgrades to help you get further in the game. Protect your fish to make it through the game. If you lose all the fish in your tank you also lose the game.

The greatest thing about Fish Truck is that it allows you to stick to the basic theme offered by many of the other fishing games online while giving you a format that is completely different. In a genre such as this one, it's often hard for games to set themselves apart from the competition because there are really only so many ways you can make a fishing game. The makers of this game, however, have thrown tradition out the window entirely. You're doing something completely out of the ordinary which instantly makes this game feel fresh, new and unique. Fans of more traditional fishing games are still going to be able to enjoy this one though as long as they put all the preconceptions of what a game in this genre should offer aside. In a lot of ways this game feels more like a shooting game or a hunting game so if you're a fan of all of these genres, you're going to love this one.

The best way to do well in Fish Truck is to focus on shooting the birds to protect your fish while keeping in mind how important it is to keep moving. If you stay in one spot, you'll be able to take out a lot of birds but you'll never get to the end of the level. Stop to shoot birds when several are attacking you so you can protect your fish, but start moving again once the flock has been thinned out. If you stay in one spot for too long, you will eventually lose all your fish and lost the game. The challenge is to find the balance between defending the fish and moving forward. It's nearly impossible to make it to the end of this game with all of the fish still in your tank. That's important to remember. It can be disheartening to see a bird carry off one of your fish, but don't let it get to you. There are plenty of fish in your tank. Losing a few won't hurt your overall chances at doing well in the game.

The upgrades in Fish Truck are vital if you want to make it through the later part of the game when things start getting more difficult. Your basic weapon should get you through the first few check stops with little problem, but that won't be the case later on. You need to purchase those upgrades if you want to have any chance of getting through this game; especially if you're a newcomer to fishing games. Upgrades to your weapon and your truck are fairly pricy but well worth it. To get the most out of your upgrades though, look for the ones you need the most and buy those first. Look for upgrades that will strengthen the areas you are weak in. This will help you survive much longer in the game.

Overall, Fish Truck is the kind of game that anyone can enjoy no matter what genre of game they are most interested in. With challenging levels, beneficial upgrades and a unique premise, this game offers something for everyone. Part shooting game, part fishing game this one has a wide range of appeal and will keep you playing game after game. Focus on your upgrades and find the balance between defending your fish and moving forward and you should do fine in this one. Although the game can be quite frustrating, it's well worth playing. If you find yourself struggling, stick with it. The more you play the better you'll get. Even if you can't make it passed the first few levels, you'll have a great time with this engrossing and entertaining fishing game.

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