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Instead of using the arrow keys (which is, by far, the most common control scheme for fishing games), all you need to use in Fish Tales is your mouse. Move your mouse and so will your fish. BUT you better have good control! You can only eat fishes that are smaller than you, and you need to avoid those bigger ones or you will end up as somebody else's snack! Now that we're done with the controls, onto the game!

Fish Tales Walkthrough

Survival of the fittest - while you can hardly find human societies that live under that motto, you will find that in the underwater world, this saying is NOT just trending... it's VERY much alive! :D

That's how life goes in Fish Tales. If you are NOT fit or large enough, you won't survive for long. The objective of the game is pretty simple: see that growth bar on the upper right hand side? Fill that up by eating fishes and you will progress to the next level. Eating a fish is as easy as pie. Just move your mouse and fish towards that juicy lunch, and CHUMP! The poor little fish goes straight to your tummy.

HOWEVER, you better be careful. You could end up as somebody else's lunch! You see, you can only eat those fishes that are smaller than you. As for the larger ones, you need to avoid them at all costs. Get this: a slight collision with the BIGGER guys means you are dead. You have 3 lives to begin with. And believe me, that's NOT a lot! You can easily find your lives dwindling down to nothing if you are NOT cautious.

The good news, HOWEVER, is that the MORE fish you eat, the BIGGER you will get. And that means payback time! You can now eat those used-to-be-bigger fishes, which will only add more to your Growth Bar. Here's the bad news, HOWEVER, there are waters that are infested by sharks! No, no matter how many fishes you eat, you will NOT outgrow these sharks. To make matters worse, they could snatch those precious fishes from you... these big-jawed fishes will eat your meal before you could. This could delay your growth, and that means you need to stay in those unsafe waters for a longer time.

Also, one more thing that I noticed is that the smallest fishes get smarter later in the game. Not only will they try to outrun you, some of them will stick close to fishes that are larger than you... which means there's always the risk of being eaten. Should you find your lives running out quickly, just stay calm and focused. There are 1-up fishes that randomly appear in the levels. Just munch one of these 1-up fishes, and you will gain one more life. BUT there's no guarantee these 1-up fishes will appear when you need them.

Beefed up with nice arcade-like graphics, comes with a very easy and straightforward control scheme, and showcases MORE than 30 levels - Fish Tales is one of those fishing games that will surely keep you for LONG hours, and it will inject serious doses of fun during your boring afternoons. Heck! I found myself jumping off of my seat.

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