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Fish Need Water Instructions

Draw and place rods using the mouse and the left mouse button. Delete rods by selecting 'delete' and clicking rods with the left mouse button.

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Fish Need Water is an engrossing and addictive physics based puzzle game in which your goal is not to get the fish out of the water as it would be in most of the other fishing games online but instead to get the fish back into the water. This little change in the basic premise of the game is enough on its to make the game feel unique, but the makers of the game don't stop there. This game is far from typical in just about every way; challenging you to think instead of just point and click. If you're looking for a game to give your brain a workout, this is definitely a great option. It isn't easy as as you progress in the game facing new obstacles and new challenges, it definitely doesn't get any easier. If you're looking for a mindless way to kill a little time, you want to look elsewhere because this one is really going to put your logic and problem solving skills to the test.

Despite it's rather high difficulty level, Fish Need Water is a great game for all fans of fishing games. The graphics are fun, colorful and entertaining while the premise is different than most of the other fishing games so you don't feel like you're playing the same game you've played a hundred times only with better graphics. This one will keep you on your toes. The basic goal in every level is to get the fish back into the water because, well, as the name suggests, fish need water. No one is really sure how the fish get out of the water or why they continually getting out of the water, but it's better not to ask these sorts of questions and just enjoy the game. To get the fish back into the water, you'll need to use the rods you're provided with in the game to connect various obstacles in the correct way. For some, you will need to cause an obstacle to swing to knock the fish into the water. In other levels, you will need to combine a series of items and obstacles to push the fish into the water. In other cases still, you'll need to connect two platforms together and use balls to cause the platforms to fall dropping the fish into the water. Figuring out how to use the rods you're given in the right way is going to take a little bit of thinking, but it's worth it when you finally see the fish returned to the water.

The best way to get through Fish Need Water is to look carefully at every obstacle you're presented with and see how you can use it to your benefit. Familiarize yourself with the different types of obstacles and what they do. If you aren't sure, connect the new item to a platform and click start (at the top of the screen) and see how it behaves. Play around with it a little bit until you figure out the best way to use it. Some of the items will take a bit of experimenting with before you can really get the idea of how they can be useful, but with time, you'll understand better. The challenges presented in each level are really no different than the objects. Experiment with different possible solutions. See what works to achieve a particular goal and see how you can build on that. some levels are going to take a lot of trial and error but stick with it. There isn't a single level in this game that can't be beaten. It might get a little bit frustrating but patience is important. If you learn from your mistakes and pay attention to how everything works, you should be able to get through the game even if it does take a while.

More experienced fishing game players likely aren't going to know what to think of Fish Need Water when they begin playing. In a lot of ways, it isn't really a fishing game at all but is more of a strategy game. That's really what makes it so intriguing. In a genre that often presents the same type of game over and over again with the same type of demands presented to the player, something different is always a welcome surprise. Newcomers to the fishing game genre would be wise to remember though that this game is quite a bit different from most fishing games. If you're looking at this as an introduction to the genre, it would be best to look elsewhere because this one hardly represents what else is out there. With that said, newcomers and experienced players are going to start this game on equal footing. A lot of experience in the genre isn't going to help you a whole lot with this one. If you have a little more experience with strategy games, this one is probably going to be fairly easy. How well you do in this game depends on two things; the strength of your logic and reasoning skills ('if I connect a rod to this, I can expect this to happen' sort of thinking) and your willingness to hone those skills should they be slightly lacking. If you're open to being patient while you improve, you don't need strong logic skills when you begin because you will develop them as you play.

Overall, Fish Need Water is an excellent fishing game that really breaks the mold and chooses to go in a different direction. The addictive nature of the game really comes from the fact that you know each new level will bring you something new and you want to know what that something new will be. If you get stuck, you can choose to view a walkthrough of the level you're stuck on (click the 'see solution' button at the bottom left side of the screen') or skip the level entirely (click the 'skip' button at the top right of the screen) so you don't have to struggle with a level you just can't wrap your head around. The game itself isn't really all that difficult to understand and the in game tutorial is more than enough to teach you the basics. All you need to do is use your brain and you should be able to get through this game. If you're a fan of fishing games but want to try something a little different, check this one out. You'll be glad you did.

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