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Feed Us 3 Instructions

Feed Us 3 is controlled by using the mouse. Your piranhas follow your mouse cursor as you move it.

Feed Us 3 Walkthrough

Feed Us 3 is the third game in the Feed Us series of fish games. Feed Us 3 features the same overall gameplay as its predecessors but also features new enemies to evade, improved graphics, and more upgrades!

Objectives are given each time you begin playing Feed Us 3. Objectives include sinking boats, consuming a given amount of blood, killing human victims, and more. These goals must be completed before time runs out. Aside from the time limit, you will also have to take weather and current into consideration. These factors are generated randomly, so they will not be the same each time that you play.

Like its predecessors, Feed Us 3 has an extensive upgrade system. This time around, you have even more upgrades to enhance your piranhas' performance. All upgrades require blood, which is acquired from feasting upon smaller fish and your human victims. The seed upgrade is the most useful upgrade at the beginning of the game. It increases the number of piranhas in your school and is the cheapest upgrade to purchase. I advise you to have at least three piranhas in your school before purchasing the other upgrades.

Consuming blood is very important in this fish game. Without blood, you will not be able to purchase upgrades. Use extra time after you have completed your primary objectives to eat fish and nibble on human corpses. The great white shark is also a good source of blood, especially when you have a large school of piranhas. Trail behind the shark to nibble on it, but stay away from its jaws or you may end up being its snack! Jellyfish, on the other hand, should be avoided at all times. Not only will they give you indigestion, but they will also give you a nasty electric shock!

The deadly piranhas are back in Feed Us 3. Color the ocean red with the blood of your victims in this gruesomely entertaining fish game!

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