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Even if this is NOT strictly a fishing game, it's just as easy to play. Feed Us 2 is played entirely with the mouse. Move it to control your piranha - make that flesh-eating fish jump off the water, knock people down, sink boats, and last BUT not the least, dine on whoever comes by. That's everything you need to know about the controls. Let us check out what this game is all about.

Feed Us 2 Walkthrough

If you have played Feed Us and you love it, then you will go nuts with Feed Us 2! The human-eating piranhas are back in this fishing game and it's hungrier than ever. And once again, you have to play as that killer piranha, which's on top of the food chain. Don't show any remorse and turn anybody who crosses his domain into lunch!

Your objective in this game is very identical to the previous fishing game in the series: you have to consume blood and flesh. There's a certain amount BUT why hold back? Don't just settle for the minimum limit... leave nothing BUT bones! Do that and you will surely bag more points. HOWEVER, there are other objectives that are equally important and must be completed. Depending on the level, you may require to eat certain preys or prey on a combination of different targets. In any case, that just means you have more meat to consume.

Once you have consumed enough blood, you can upgrade you piranha and even create an army of this flesh-eating fish by buying MORE piranha seeds! You can upgrade your teeth... make it sharper and deadlier. You can upgrade your fins to a bigger one, get stronger scales, which will make you deadlier. Well, if you haven't figured it out still, this game isn't for kids. This is not your average fishing game that is for ALL viewers. It's bloody, it's violent, and it's FUN!

Some Tips And Tricks:

(1) Before you set out to catch your victim, the game gives you tips and tricks that will make it a notch or two easier for you to finish your mission. Please read that, especially now that the objectives are a little more detailed and complex than the first game.

(2) There are a couple of things you should steer clear from. While you are very lethal to humans, a great white shark won't have a hard time getting rid of you. If you get close enough, a single bite will be enough to put you out of business. Pick your battles!

(3) Motor-powered boats - you should be careful when you are approaching these. If you get too excited, jump out of the water, and get too close on the propeller, adios. You will end up as a sliced piranha... with a little garnishing and some spices, you're good to go as lunch.

Upgrades: Just like in the prequel, Feed Us 2 comes with A LOT of upgrade options. I'd go as far as saying that upgrading your piranha efficiently is the other half of the battle, the other half being the killing part. Anyway, while you may have your own upgrade tactics and strategies, I find my approach quite solid. I put more focus on getting my piranha's stats up. I started with the jaws as it allows me to consume more flesh in less time. Moving your mouse back and forth can cause cramps you know. Next, after getting my jaws, fins, and scales up decently, I buy more piranha seeds and upgrade them slowly BUT surely.

Well, I guess that's about everything you need to know about this bloody, gory, BUT ultimately fun fishing game. Humans have harmed the seas and the creatures in it for too long... it's payback time!

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