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The control scheme of Feed Us is anything BUT complicated. Just like other fishing games out there (though this is not strictly a fishing game in my opinion), the game is played entirely with the mouse. Use your mouse to control your piranha: make him jump off the water and knock people down; destroy and sink boats; and of course, make a dinner or lunch out of those who dare pass your domain! That's it for the controls. Let's check out what made Feed Us really addictive.

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A fishing game of skill and A LOT of gore - this is Feed Us! In this fishing game, which as I have said isn't really a fishing game, you will play as a killer piranha (reminds me of Piranha 3D) that is all geared up to devour everyone that crosses his path.

The objective of the game is very straightforward: your mission is to consume a certain amount of flesh and blood. BUT of course, being the hungry piranha that you are, you don't just settle for the amount of blood and flesh the mission is asking you for. If you want to score MORE, you need to eat and accumulate more blood... allowing you to upgrade your piranha and create your own army of piranha. Not only that! You also get to upgrade your main piranha. With the blood you have accumulated, you can have sharper teeth, bigger fins, stronger scales, and even more piranha seeds. YES, folks, this isn't your average and kid-friendly fishing game. This game is bloody... and it's FUN!

In-Game Tips And Tricks: Before you embark on a mission, you are given tips and tricks that will make your flesh-eating and blood-sucking mission a notch or two easier. That said, be sure to keep an eye on them. A few things to steer clear from: while you are deadly, sharks are deadlier and BIGGER so you should avoid them at all costs. Get close enough and you will be bitten. Along with that, you shouldn't get too giddy and excited when you see a boat... especially a motor driven one. Don't get too close to the propeller. Do that and you will end up as a sliced piranha.

In reviewing this game, I must say that the game's detail deserves A LOT of respect. The upgrades are something you should also take a look at. As for me, I started buying more piranha seeds... allowing me to consume more flesh and blood in one swoop. After gaining some weight and bagging more blood, I went ahead and upgraded the jaws, which makes the process of eating flesh as easy as pie.

Now, let me remind you, however, the game is far from perfect. There are some things to improve: (1) First thing that comes to mind is that the piranha is NOT large enough to see the changes brought by your upgrade. (2) My BIGGEST complaint so far is that the control scheme while easy to pick up, is NOT really user friendly. I found it difficult to keep my human-eating fishes under good control unless I move my mouse extremely slow. And this is a huge obstacle as you don't have all day to consume the designated amount of blood. YES, there is a time limit which brings me to the next caveat. (3) The timer is NOT shown. You won't have any idea how much time you have left until you are down to the last five seconds and the screen starts to count down. But, all in all, I don't think these caveats should stop you from enjoying Feed Us. This fishing game has almost ALL of the FUN and addictive elements you could ask for in a flash-based and online game. It would be a pity if you would miss out on that!

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