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Dino Fishing Instructions

Well, in paper, the control scheme of Dino Fishing is straightforward and easy - nothing fancy and nothing complicated. To maneuver and take your dinosaur (it's a Baryonyx, I'm not sure if that dinosaur does exist) where you want to take it, just use the arrow keys. And when you are all set to catch the fish, hit the spacebar. Now, just in case for some reason you need to pause the game (to answer a phone call, to go to the comfort room, etc.), just press the P button.

Dino Fishing Walkthrough

Here's the story behind Dino Fishing: you are playing as a Baryonyx who has to feed, and I bet he has a HUGE appetite as all dinosaurs do. So how do you ease the hunger? Catch fishes on the river! Sounds easy? In theory, it does, BUT not in the actual game.

You see, your dino is really huge. It takes a large portion of the screen. This makes maneuvering really hard. Not to mention you can't easily see where the fishes are coming from and where they're going seen you are covering them! To make things even more challenging, the Baryonyx moves sluggishly. You can't just press and hold on to an arrow key to keep it moving in one direction. Instead, you need to tap that directional key several times to get your dino moving in the right path continuously.

And last BUT not the least, you should always keep the Hunger Bar in check at all times. Once your dino reaches starvation and the bar runs out, it's game over for you and you have to start from square one. Not to mention the Hunger Bar runs out really fast!

True, it's NOT the most user friendly online fishing game out there. BUT if being challenged as much as possible is your cup of tea, play this game and you will find the masochistic pleasure you are looking for.

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