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Blow Fishing Instructions

The controls for this game are fairly easy. Use the arrow keys for moving and navigating with your boat. Alternatively, you can also use the W, A, S, and D keys for this. And when you are all set, just hit the left click button and hold on it to adjust the power of your throw and release it to toss the dynamite...killing the fishes in an area, which allows you to catch them with no problems or hassles.

Blow Fishing Walkthrough

Alright, Blow Fishing - this game is all about dynamite fishing, which I'm not in favor of in real life. Don't you feel pity for the aquatic life you are blasting with every dynamite you toss in. Anyway, back to the online fishing game: it requires precision and quick fingers.

You see, the time allotted is about 3 minutes in every round and you need to catch a designated amount of fishes. You will be briefed about this before you go Blow Fishing. Along with the fact that maneuvering your boat requires quick fingers (and is a huge pain), this game will surely keep you busy for the long hours to come.

After you have enough fishes, you will receive prize money for it. And to make the deal even better, you get bonus money for catching more than the designated amount. So what can you do with the cash you get? Well, grabbing upgrades is highly recommended. That's especially true for your boat. The boat you have is slow moving, which severely hampers your 'Blow Fishing' power.

Oh! One more thing: your ammunition is limited. So when you are running low on dynamites, which eventually you will be considering the number of fishes you are required to catch in every round, grab more of these fish killing bombs whenever you get the chance.

While this online fishing game seems to promote dynamite fishing, I still had a lot of fun playing Blow Fishing. Give it a shot.

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