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Big Fishing Fun Instructions

When it comes to control schemes, this online fishing game is straightforward and easy. Just use the mouse to move your boat around. When you have positioned yourself to and ready to lure the fish, just hit the left click button to cast your line. And when the need arises, hit the space bar to toss in a dynamite and catch all the fish in the area.

Big Fishing Fun Walkthrough

Playing as Yokel, your job is to catch all the fish you can in Big Fishing Fun. Having 16 different levels with increasing difficulty, this game will surely keep you busy for quite some time. The number of the fishes you need to catch increases with the level.

The more fish you catch, the better you score. There are 3 types of aquatic life to lure in: (1) the carp which is the most common among the three (2) the catfish and (3) the bass, which is the highest pointer among the 3.

HOWEVER, there are stuff underwater that you need to avoid like plague. The trashes (1) boots (2) tires and (3) garbage will consume your bait. And if your bait is down to zero...nil...nada, then it's game over for you.

Also, don't forget to grab upgrades - (1) dual hooks that catch 2 fishes at a time (2) extra bait for extra life and (3) more dynamites so you can grab all of the fishes in sight (well, to be honest, I'm NOT in favor of dynamite's illegal!). Get these upgrades whenever you can to help you move on to the next round.

Fun to play (except for the dynamite fishing part) and fast paced - this online fishing game is DEFINITELY going to keep you busy for hours!

Big Fishing Fun is indeed an apt name for this game.

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