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Bass Fishing Pro Instructions

The controls for Bass Fishing PRO are very simple and straightforward as with most fishing games out there. You only need your keyboard, the arrow keys specifically, to play the game: (1) use the left and right arrow keys to move your boat to and fro. (2) The up and down arrow keys, on the other hand, is for releasing your hook and line, then pulling it up to catch one of those basses. Now that we're done with the controls, let's check out the game...

Bass Fishing Pro Walkthrough

There's something about fishing games that other gaming genres don't have. True, most of the time, there's no action. It's not fast paced compared to say... shooting games or real-time strategy games. And when it comes to plots and background stories, this genre is lagging behind as well. I mean think about it, when was the last time you played a fishing game that has a mind-twisting plot that will make chills go down on your spine? I never encountered one in my whole lifetime.

Nevertheless, fishing games do have a lot of followers. Gamers who love anticipation, people who like to take it slow and easy... and then move in for the catch when the stage is set, guys who have a knack for predicting movements, and those are just to name a few. If you think you are mentioned above, then you will like Bass Fishing Pro. No, it doesn't have eye-popping graphics. It won't drive you to the edge of your seats. BUT it sure has all of the niceties you'd want from a fishing game! The objective is very straightforward and simple to understand: you are a man on a fishing mission. There's a designated number of basses you need to catch. Well, on its own, that may NOT sound too challenging. BUT when you consider that there's a time limit, then things take a different turn.

YES, there's a time constraint. You are given only a minute and a half to complete the task. Not only that, you can't go willy-nilly when it comes to maneuvering your boat. Your gas is limited - 30 liters to be exact. Every forward or backward movement takes a significant amount of gas. Once you run out of gas, you are pretty much stuck where you are. And believe me, that's bad news! The fishes swim slowly and they change directions, so you want to position yourself somewhere near them... somewhere where you can increase your chances of catching one. Without fuel, you are forced to wait. And believe me, that's NOT going to work!

Summing things up, Bass Fishing Pro may not be as good as your pro fishing games in Xbox, Playstation 3, or whatever console you have at home. HOWEVER, if you are getting bored at the office, if you just missed out last Sunday's fishing spree with your friends, or if you just want to fish, Bass Fishing Pro is good enough. Give it a shot and see what I'm talking about.

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