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A Day In Water Instructions

The control scheme of this game is relatively easy compared to other online and flash fishing games out there. You just need to move your mouse to guide the trout and that's about it! Nothing fancy and nothing complicated.

A Day In Water Walkthrough

True, the control scheme of this online fishing game is easy. BUT A Day In Water still offers some challenge that will keep you busy for quite some time. You see, here's the story: you are a hungry trout. BUT worry not, there are flies dropping from above and you can feast on them like no problem.

HOWEVER, here's the bad news. True, you are the hunter BUT you are also being hunted by the fisherman! Matter of fact, the fisherman is so cunning that he won't try to catch you with the usual bait and fishing line. Instead, he drops flies with hooks attached to them. Chow on these traps and it's GAME OVER for you!

Avoid these hooked flies at all costs.

You only have 30 seconds to eat as many flies as possible. There are 4 different flies in the game. The red ones give you 1 point. The green ones, on the other hand, give you 2 points. Blue flies are worth 3 points. And last BUT not the least, the golden flies (I'm not sure if these are flies BUT bees instead) are worth 5 whopping points!

30 seconds, 4 flies to choose from, and don't get killed - happy fly catching in this online fishing game. And remember, steer clear from the hooked flied!

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