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Play Trap-a-Tuna


If you find the control scheme of Trap A Tuna easy, be warned about the game itself - it's challenging, which by...

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  • Play Feed Us

    Feed Us


    A fishing game of skill and A LOT of gore...

  • Play Sea Fishing

    Sea Fishing


    Fishing games are fun...well, most of them are fun. BUT...

  • Play Lake Fishing 3

    Lake Fishing 3


    Lake Fishing 3 is the third game in the Lake...

  • Play IAFish



    In IAFish your goal is pretty simple - get the...

  • Play Moby Dick

    Moby Dick


    Moby Dick is an excellent fishing game based on the...

  • Play Feed Us 2

    Feed Us 2


    If you have played Feed Us and you love it,...

  • Play Lake Fishing

    Lake Fishing


    When it comes to online fishing games that have a...

  • Play Fish Need Water

    Fish Need Water


    Fish Need Water is an engrossing and addictive physics based...

  • Play Lake Fishing 2

    Lake Fishing 2


    Lake Fishing 2 is the sequel to the fishing game,...

  • Play Super Dynamite Fishing

    Super Dynamite Fishing


    If you have experience fishing, you may have tried a...

  • Play Salmon Survival

    Salmon Survival


    Underwater, a fish - salmon, tuna, even sharks, has a...

  • Play Feed Us 3

    Feed Us 3


    Feed Us 3 is the third game in the Feed...

  • Play Super Fishings

    Super Fishings


    Fishing games have never been popular for game play that...

  • Play Fishing Frenzy

    Fishing Frenzy


    Now that you already know the controls scheme for this...

  • Play Johnny Deep

    Johnny Deep


    Johnny Deep is really more of an adventure game than...

  • Play Moby Dick 2

    Moby Dick 2


    There's plenty of talk about saving the whales BUT did...

  • Play Goldo



    Alright, as I have mentioned earlier, this is no ordinary...

  • Play Sea Eater

    Sea Eater


    Sea Eater is an addictive fish game with a large...

  • Play Growing Fish

    Growing Fish


    Growing Fish takes the fun and intensity of classic fishing...

  • Play Shaky Fisher

    Shaky Fisher


    Simplicity in all aspects - this is a phrase that...

  • Play Blow Fishing

    Blow Fishing


    Alright, Blow Fishing - this game is all about dynamite...

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  • Moby Dick 2 Thumbnail

    There's plenty of talk about saving the whales BUT did it ever occur to you that we should be worrying...

  • Lake Fishing 2 Thumbnail

    Lake Fishing 2 is the sequel to the fishing game, Lake Fishing. Lake Fishing 2 retains the gameplay and control...

  • Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon Thumbnail

    Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon is the latest game in the Lake Fishing series of fishing games. Lake Fishing: Green Lagoon...

  • Lake Fishing 3 Thumbnail

    Lake Fishing 3 is the third game in the Lake Fishing series of fishing games. Lake Fishing 3 retains the...

  • Super Dynamite Fishing Thumbnail

    If you have experience fishing, you may have tried a variety of lures to make your catch. Some of these...

  • Youda Fisherman Thumbnail

    Youda Fisherman is a management game where you must rebuild your father's fishing empire. Youda Fisherman features excellent graphics, point-and-click...

  • Feed Us 3 Thumbnail

    Feed Us 3 is the third game in the Feed Us series of fish games. Feed Us 3 features the...

  • Sea Eater Thumbnail

    Sea Eater is an addictive fish game with a large variety of gameplay modes. This action game features colorful graphics,...

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Want to showcase your fishing prowess? Want to show the whole world how high you can score in the top fishing games online? Yeah? Then you are at the RIGHT place! FishingGamesOnline.org has everything you need to make virtual fishing as fun as the REAL thing...or maybe even twice as fun!

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With global scoreboards for many fishing games, you can go head to head against other online fishing game fanatics. And let's NOT forget - fishing games online are way MORE fun than the real thing. No more waiting for long hours...waiting for that sharp tug in your fishing line. The fun starts RIGHT here and RIGHT now at FishingGamesOnline.org!

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Here at FishingGamesOnline.org, you will never run out of fishing games to play! There are...

Goldo - as I've said this is no ordinary fishing game. Heck! You won't hunt down or catch fishes, you are trying to catch those nuggets of PURE and glimmering gold. Hence the name Goldo. And in this game, you are in total control - how you want the cart to move, the rope, hook, and everything else in between...which is precisely why this game is challenging!

Blow Fishing - this one is literally explosive as you will use dynamite to catch those fishes. This is one of the pleasures of fishing games online. You don't get arrested for dynamite fishing. :D Anyway, you are given 3 minutes every round and there's a set amount of fish you need to catch. Precision and quick fingers - you would need these!

A Day In Water - in this game, you get to play as a hungry fish who feeds on the dropping flies with no problem at all. Well, there is one problem actually. You are a hunter and a hunted too! There's a fisherman trying to catch you! He's so cunning he'll drop flies with hooks attached to them instead of the usual bait. Munch on those hooked flies and you are toast!

And those are just to name a few!

So what are you waiting for? Don't stare at this page! Let the fishing fun starts here at FishingGamesOnline.org!